Musings Of A Hustler (episode 11)


I went quiet.

“Are you there? Jenny talk to me now”

I finally found my voice and replied;

‘I am here. What do you really want?”

I barely refrained from my temptation of calling him ‘Emmanuel’ as I normally would after having sex with him. However, with the chain of events acquiring a dramatic twist and things threatening to go awry, I quickly realized it was in my best interest to try reverting to my ‘pre-escapade’ relationship with my uncle. To act otherwise would mean a confirmation of Aunty Mabel’s ‘accusations’.

“haba. Are you that pissed off with me? Am really short of words now. I know you are upset and quite rightly so. I just wanted to tender my unreserved apologies for Mabel’s behavior this afternoon. Am really really sorry. I don’t know what came over her”. Uncle Emmanuel gushed.

“But you told me she was on vacation with Junior out of the country. Why did you have to lie?” I snapped back.

“She actually travelled but came back home unexpectedly and started behaving funny. I really don’t know why she started acting all suspicious. She kept checking and picking all my calls. I suspect but don’t want to believe Joseph called her. If that’s the case, the boy is leaving my house right away.” He explained.

“sha don’t make any rash decision. But just try to sort out Aunty Mabel and let her know there’s nothing between us o. Because I really don’t want any trouble and I don’t want you quarrelling with her over me” I stated bluntly.

I made that declaration half trying to ‘redefine’ my relationship with my uncle and half sending my uncle a thinly veiled warning to control his wife. Although I must confess I felt a little stupid after making the statement.

Uncle Emmanuel paused and replied after some moments; “is there really nothing between us?”

Is there anything?” I retorted. 

“Er…em…I thought we shared something special? I don’t think we need to over react. I have handled Mabel and everything is under control. Besides, I think it’s better we hook up and talk about it. When can we see so we can talk? He asked pleadingly.

“Uncle…em…Emmanuel, (I still struggled with the idea of continuing to call him ‘uncle’. I had unconsciously started seeing him as…lips sealed!), I am not sure we seeing is advisable o. I would prefer we don’t see till all this is sorted out. I really don’t want tongues wagging’.

“Naa. Don’t worry dear. No tongue will wag. I‘ll come pick you tomorrow even and we‘ll hang out at Vixen Bar- it’s on the outskirts of town. Don’t worry, I ‘ll handle it.”

After a brief pause, I asked;

“What time are you looking at?”

‘6pm. See you at 6 tomorrow’, came the response.

“Ok then” I replied sounding reluctant but really looking forward to seeing him again.

“And er…Jenny…yesterday wasn’t a mistake. It’s the best thing to have happened to me. I sure do hope you feel same way.”

Without waiting for a reply, he hung up.

I smiled.

30 thoughts on “Musings Of A Hustler (episode 11)” by Ayoks (@sucess001)

  1. Lmaooo can’t believe I smiled too.. Disgusting

  2. @schatzilein…lmao….so ur morals called u back to order ba?

    1. Hehehe definitely.. Please post soonest

  3. @schatzilein come i get the feeling u cud ‘flow along’ like our MC…..dont worry. i ve posted already…waiting on admin to post…

    1. Okay okay thanks…

      Who is MC??(still a newbie)

  4. @schatzilein…MC means main character….

  5. Oh okay Lmaooo.. Thanks i just learnt someting from you..

    Ermm as per jenny you might be correct but what she did is just disgusting.. Isn’t that incest?

  6. Da Queen (@Estee)

    Na wa o MC. Is this as a result of the rape or its an inborn tin? Must it be ur uncle? Shey men haf finished on earth ni? This is super disgusting. Ditto @schatzilein

    1. Yeah I think it’s becos of the rape.. Things like dat can always yield bad things..

  7. Don’t blame the rape ooh! I think it’s inborn@Estee. Disgusting indeed. Nice,Ayoks.

  8. @sucess001, Interesting. Would have to read the other parts.

  9. @schatzilein

    @ “Ermm as per jenny you might be correct but what she did is just disgusting.. Isn’t that incest?”

    yea it is dear…buh you ll be shocked at how many incest cases go down these days. most are even unreported due to fear and the shame it brings…but trust me…a lot of it happens around…

    1. Very true.. Some few years ago a man called Josef fritzl locked his daughter in a basement for twenty- four years and fathered six kids with her.. During the this time his wife and family were looking for her..

  10. @howyoudey

    please do…so u can get a better understanding of the story. thanks for reading too…

  11. @Mimiadebayo

    disgusting indeed….mimi…but you if you do some research, you ll discover 8 out of every 10 adults would tell you of molestation or sexual encounters with extended or even nuclear family members at some point…

    its an existing societal evil we all choose to ignore cos of its ‘disgusting’ nature…

    another complement from the ‘great Mimi’…am humbled (winks)

    1. Da Queen (@Estee)

      Ditto @mimiadebayo …. @sucess001 MC here is not been sexually molested. She is an adult that’s capable of making rational decisions its a shame she chose to be messing around with her married uncle which further validate the fact that she’s a hustler and morally bankrupt.

  12. @Estee…yes ooo…men haff finish! shey u dont know what they say about the elderly ones knowin how to please a woman more?

    1. Da Queen (@Estee)

      @sucess001… The elderly ones know how to please a woman more ba? Will keep in mind. Hehehehe

  13. @topazo


  14. @schatzilein

    stories of a similar nature abounds in European countries…but the notable thing now is that similar cases in Nigeria increased significantly in the last 3 yrs…if you browse on it…u ll see wat i mean…so its actually now a global malaise…

    1. It happened here in my city Vienna.. It was massive..

  15. @Estee…not all decisions we make are rational is it?

  16. Zikora (@Zikora)

    Spotted this I‘ll come pick you tomorrow even and we‘ll hang out at Vixen Bar- it’s on the outskirts of town. Don’t worry, I ‘ll handle it.”

    I believe u meant to say *evening.

  17. @Zikora…dts a typho error. Sowie…

  18. @sucess001 stories like this happen in so many households in Nigeria..You did a great job dramatizing this.

  19. glow (@anyieinstein)

    Deeper deeper troubles. Now incest is added to the list. I want to see how this ends up. Can’t predict u. Good story

  20. The rape shouldn’t be blamed. She could have forged on, but decided to sink into a cesspit.
    Nice one. $ß.

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