Love Rekindled Part 2

Graham was still in shock as he sat in the living room contemplating between calling is wife or her parents. He couldn’t still come to terms with the fact that she asked for a divorce, muchless the fact that she left with the kids. How can she just serve him divorce papers and just leave like that, without giving him a logical explanation? This was the question that kept racing through his mind. This was unlike Funke, he deserved much better.

”I don’t understand why you would do something that would bring shame to our family.” Ireti was telling Funke.

”I’m doing what is right for i and my kids, i can’t continue to stay in a marriage that only brings pain,” she said with sadness in her voice. ”I love Graham, but he has refused to see the problem that has been pulling this family apart, this will be an eye opener for him.

‘Ireti shook her heard as she laughed mockingly at her sister.

”And by doing this, you think you are solving anything?” ”I think our parents made a mistake by sending you to the western world to be educated, look at the kind of thing you are doing.”

”Ireti please i don’t need anymore lecture from you, its my life and my marriage. I would do whatever i want with it.” Funke replied. ”You wouldn’t understand how i have been feeling for the past few years, seeing the disappointment on the faces of my kids whenever their father missed an important occasion in their lives.” she continued.

”That still doesn’t justify your actions.” Ireti said.

Funke was tired of listening to her younger sister tell her what was right and wrong, so she stood to leave the room when her cellphone rang. She had be dreading this, because she knew it would either be her husband or parents. She picked up her phone and saw that it was her hubby calling. Reluctantly she answered the call.”Hello.” she said in a voice that she didnt recognise.

”How can you just wake up one morning and decide to end our marriage?” Graham said in an angry tone. ”You didn’t think of the kids or even me, i wonder if you ever loved me.” He continued.

”I didn’t just wake up and decide this, i love you but you gave me no choice.” she said.

”Everything i do, the extra hours have put in my work. Have been for you and the kids.” he said in an anguished tone.

”We have more than enough money, what we need is your love.” ”Your children miss you a lot, am tired of lying to them because of you.”

”Please, Funke be reasonable. You can’t just make this kind of decision.” he said.”Think about the kids. Would you want them to grow without a father?” he continued

”Your absensce alone is making them rebellious. Dayo has been getting into trouble, both in school and at home. Eremi and Bisola miss you a lot”

”I know i haven’t been much of a husband or father to you and the kids, but i can change.” ”Can we meet up and talk things over?” he asked.

”Ok, i’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself. But we won’t come home until am sure you’ve changed.” she said with firmness in her voice.

”Thanks, hun. When and where should i pick you up?”

”Am at Ireti’s place, you can pick me up by 2p.m tomorrow.”

”Ok, bye. Kiss the kids for me.” Graham said, before ending the call.
Funke smiled, she finally got his attention.