Hangout pt3

Hangout pt3

The past month had been bliss for me after getting over my wife moving out and leaving me I found life again, I came home one day after work to meet an empty quiet house and I lost it totally. I went out and went clubbing, I came home with a babe and had a one night stand for the first time, I was free for the first time in my adult life, I came home any time I liked, slept where I liked, watched my football matches in peace, I was living the ideal bachelor’s life, I didn’t live during my youths, my friends were concerned about me but I told them I was fine because I really i was.

Then the divorce papers came, it was a reality check for me, that this was really happening, I hired a lawyer, we discussed the issue and he recommended we resolve it as soon as possible, during this period Lola and I didn’t communicate, I didn’t have any idea what was going on with her, but once a while my mind would float to her and worry about her which I felt was natural because we have spent over 20 years together, I was really tempted to call a few times but I resisted my urge.

What really bugged me was how Valarie knew my wife’s number and why she called when I brought the issue up with my lawyer he dismissed it saying it was not important that we would settle the case and secure my freedom, which I was enjoying presently, nneka had moved in as my live-in lover and I was currently enjoying the new arrangement. During all this, I came into a windfall; an uncle of mine willed his entire estate to me after his death, this changed the divorce proceedings because now Lola was laying claim that she is entitled to at most half of my new wealth at this point my lawyer hired a private investigator to check out Valarie’s involvement and his findings changed everything

I was in my office when the phone call came in it was from my lawyer

“Mr Tariah can you please come to my office, I have new information for you”

“What is it about, am listening”

“This is not a phone call conversation”

“Ok, am on my way”

During the drive to the lawyer’s office I kept thinking of different scenarios that could play out but what I was about to hear was going to be beyond my wildest dreams

I got into the office to meet the somber look on my lawyer

“Please seat down Mr Tariah

“What is this about that cannot be said on phone” I asked as I sat down

My lawyer looked at me for a while before saying

“what am about to present and say to you have been cross checked several times but believing is up to you

“Am listening”

“The P.I found some incriminating evidence that could free you, he looked at me and i nodded for him to go on

He went through Valarie’s bank accountant and found two checks being paid in during the period and after your…, one from, at this point he pushes a paper towards me a mr Badmus Poopola and miss Nneka Igbokwe

I was stunned hearing nneka’s name, all this while I thought it would be Badmus, he had all the attributes of a traitor but instead it was Nneka, the lawyer brought me back with his question

“What do you want to so about this”

I stood up absent-mindedly and pocket the photocopy of the cheaqe and walked out with uttering a word, I got into my car and drove home my mind in turmoil with questions “why did she do it”, “how did she know Valarie”, “how did she know about the hangout?”, why didn’t I think of this before?”

When I got home, I knocked the door, Nneka opened up and hugged me closely like she always did but this time I was repulsed and pushed her away

“What’s wrong George?”

I looked at her and became more repulsed, she was wearing my wife’s clothes, I couldn’t talk; I just brought out the paper and shoved into in her face

After scanning through

“I can explain’

“Explain” I replied

“At least you can sit down” when she saw I wasn’t budging from my standing position she continued

“It was all badmus’s idea”

“How do you know Badmus?”

‘You remember your wife’s 35thbirthday party , that was where we meet, I saw him staring at your wife all the time with longing in his eyes, I knew the look because that was the way I looked at you that day, I went up to him, we talked and told ourselves about our longing for you and your wife, we hatched a plan for both of us to get what we wanted; at the end it, i got what I wanted or so i thought, you keep on comparing me with your wife, Lola will not do that, Lola helps me do this, Lola is better at that, I am fed up of living like this, and am sure your beloved wife is in badmus’s bed right now’

Hearing that woke up feelings for my wife I didn’t even know still existed I wanted her back and this time I was ready to beg till she takes me back but first I have to provide an amiable environment for her to come back to and that start now

“Get your stuffs, and pack out before I come back, and please stop wearing my wife’s clothes”

I got out of the house got into the car drove to badmus’s house I had no idea what I was going to do all I knew now was that I wanted my wife back and I was ready to do anything to get her back I got there and horned erratically at the gate a frustrated gateman opened up, I drove in and made my way to the front door, before opening up I took a deep breath but I still had no idea what to say, I flunged the door opened and I saw my wife and Badmus sitting very closely laughing together she stared in my direction and stopped

“What are you doing here” Badmus asked “I not here for you, am here for my wife”

Lola isn’t your wife anymore”

“I haven’t signed the divorce papers yet so we are still legally married”

Badmus stared at me defiant, here was a guy I had known for the better part of 20 years and here we are fighting a fight we should have fought 20 years ago for this same woman

“Nneka has confessed to me already ok, about your sordid plan to break up my marriage, but guess what, it is not going to happen, am here to take my wife back

I faced my wife and spoke to her directly trying to explain the whole plan to her

“he and nneka step me up with Valerie to break us part, am so sorry about Valarie I really am but it was just lust, what we have is far more important than lust , I love you and want you back” that was the most truthful speech I had ever said in my life

I looked at Lola hopefully for a positive reaction

“George listen’

‘Just tell me positive answer please, I love you and I want you back please

“George….”she looked at me and that point I knew something else is going on

“It’s not just Badmus and nneka that are involved in this, I also am

The shock coursing through my body hearing those words was imaginable, my brain was trying to process this new information, I looked at Lola face and saw the guilt, I saw the smirk on Badmus faced, at that point I knew i was played, I was the butt of the joke, I was the fool, I saw Lola’s lips moving I brought myself back to try to listen maybe a god explanation would resolve everything

“we were drifting apart George, you didn’t want to admit it, I did. The first affair was a breaking point for me, I knew you didn’t love me anymore, we were just going through the mechanism of marriage, I was unhappy in the marriage, then Badmus came and revitalized me, he made me feel like I’m a woman again

I was feeling nauseated hearing this but I wanted to hear it all

‘I knew you won’t let me go easy, so we cooked up a foolproof plan to get me free from you, I never wanted to hurt you George but I wanted out and this was the best way to leave’

When she finished I left the house stunned, I got into my car and drove absent-mindedly I was the fool that got played by my wife, my mistress and one of my oldest friend, all the signs were there to see but I chose to ignore them, well at least am rich I thought I finally wound up home hoping it would be empty but instead nneka was still there

“so where is she George, your beloved perfect wife

“She is not coming back….. ever

“So do you still want me to leave?”

I have been fooled by this woman, my wife and my oldest friend; it was logically I shouldn’t trust her anymore but then, I didn’t want to be alone, I needed someone around and a familiar face would really help

“No, stay” I replied

Let’s see how this goes

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  1. Nice twist to the story…but lots of punctuation errors.Work on that. Ciao!

  2. Nice twist, I like that in a story. The punctuation and typo errors though!


    Kindly check out that forum to read and share experiences from Social Media Week 2013.

  4. The punctuation was so obvious from the start. Can sometimes overshadow the brilliance of a story. Better editing next time. Consider peer review as well.

    Nice story though. Keep writing.

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