To err is human

To forgive is divine

A grudging heart never know

Itself it has imprisoned

Dark it has become

From the smokes of hate

It is hurt and broken

From grief deep within

Sorrowful from not letting go

In the stance, many blessings forego


But forgiveness

Is something else

It frees you from the grasp

Of hate and regret

It eludes the darkness inside

With colourful rays of sunshine

It brings with it boldness

Self confidence and unearthly happiness

At first, it might hurt badly

To let go of a wrong so heinous

But revenge at times is regretful

More importantly, it makes you

Not so different from the culprit

Yea! Forgive those who hurt you

But most of all

Forgive yourself for letting them hurt you

5 thoughts on “Forgiveness” by uzywhyte (@uzywhyte)

  1. Okay, there’s something about poetry… It hardly has mates…
    For me, it is where I’d rather stay and flow…

    Well done on the piece. I think there are a few issues with tense and the like. Look at line 3 for instance: ‘a grudging heart never know(s) … ‘

    The first two lines two stink of cliches that choke! See if you can get them out for all our sake!

    The poem is good for a first draft but I think there’s still some work you can do.

    Well done Uzy!

  2. Thanks Sueddie. I’ll see what I can do

  3. @uzywhyte
    a poet’s mind
    making a rendition
    I can’t but drop my commendation
    as a confirmation of her poetic assertion

  4. Whoa! I’m grateful for your kind words @innolifa

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