For Kendra.

For Kendra.

These are late words. But you must know, my friend. It’s better late than never at all. I looked at you today, and I saw a hidden beauty. Hidden, because it’s clearly visible to all but you. I saw the little girl you try so much to hide. Why would you tear yourself apart? Why would you punch the girl in the mirror? She’s beautiful. Just like you. You think I don’t mean it. You think I say this to make you feel better. Let’s clear up the record, now and forever. You are beautiful. Your beauty hits me in the face at the most unexpected times. When you tried to comfort me because I thought she was mad at me remember? Your unholy anger at her because she tried to hurt me, remember? And when you were reading your book, with your face turned downwards and you looked slightly confused…of course you don’t remember. Your heart is too filled up with other painful memories in the distant past.

Those you must forget Kendra. You must.  I talked to you today and heard your crying soul. If only you would look behind you, child. You would see the love pouring out right at you. You have to believe. If you saw what I see, you would never say the words you keep saying.

Your sores must heal, baby. They are in the past, and you must leave them there. You’ve been hurt; but we all have. You must calm your crying child. You must hold her and tell her that all is well. You must believe me, Kendra. You must.

Look beyond your flaws. Flaws you’ve magnified in your mind. You have to, babe. You think He’s forgotten, don’t you? You think He doesn’t care anymore. He does. He always will. He called for His daughter yesterday. Too bad, you weren’t listening. He’s here again today, calling. His voice is filled with pain. If you would stop listening to them;  and listen to Him instead.

Listen Kendra! You must Kendra, you must.

Do you not see how much I try to stem my tears each time I speak to you? I don’t do this to pass the time, my dear. I do this because like it or not Kendra, I love you. It’s become my burden, to see you happy. If I could I would reach in and wipe away those tears. You’re either too scared or too sad to do so yourself.

You are weak, and so I must carry you. I must tear away that veil. Kendra! Don’t you see God’s fingerprints all over your body? He made you Kendra. There are no unfinished projects with Him. So He’s here, my father, holding you too.

The small white tablets didn’t work, and I’m glad they didn’t.

I will love you, until you forgive them. I will love you, until you love her. I will love you, until you love her. I will wipe away her tears, till you hands are strong enough to.

With your face up and your feet strong, you must tread the world. You must show them the Kendra they hurt; show them until they forget the Kendra that once existed. Show them until you forget the Kendra you once were.

I don’t know how to say this without my eyes filling up with tears. I hope this tear stained mess finds you. And if it does, I hope it’s enough to change your mind.

Until then…

I love you.

Your sister (by extension)



7 thoughts on “For Kendra.” by Yeniee (@Yeniee)

  1. Awwwww!
    Such love.


  2. Nice… Beautifully written

    1. Thanks for reading! :)

  3. Is it an unborn baby or something more abstract? I couldn’t quite tell.

    But I love the kinda ‘love’ you wrote about. Nicely depressing. Quite emotional too.

    Was it inspired by real life?

    1. @jaywriter who gave you permission to read this? lol…. I’ll leave you to decide about that. But yes, it’s real.100 percent. Thanks for reading :)

  4. wow! I more than love the writing skill, borrowing words from Kaycee, I respect it. its a wonderful piece.

    1. Thanks a lot :)

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