Drums of Distance

Drums of Distance

Even in the midst of a crowd,
When the noise is loudest,
We can still hear resonant voice of depth.

Even in the midst of mist,
When the cloud is dulled by dimness
We can still let our eyes see.

Even in the midst of distant spaces
Shredded by the exigencies of life
Thoughtful moments are near.

Even in the midst of passing years
Interspersed by silence and chat
You leave a smile in your trail.

Even in the midst of abundance
Of gracious blessings received
You’re poised to welcome many more.

Even in the midst of letting today
Remind us of long ago
You’re blessed to look to tomorrows with love.

Even in the midst of these words
Born of warmth and tenderness
I’m sending you their gracious lift.

10 thoughts on “Drums of Distance” by Carlobasi (@Carlobasi)

  1. The memory of time spent with a love one will always echo in the annals of history bringing it to bear on the present.Thanks for sharing.

    1. @sambrightomo…thank you, bro. I live in memories, especially amidst turbulent times…

  2. Nice…js wen i ws wondering where u had gone, u showed up

    1. @topazo, my bros I dey o. Just got caught up with some daily engagements…thank you a bunch. Cheers :-)

  3. Sweet and lovely.

    1. @chimzorom….Thank you a bunch for stopping by to read, and leaving your sweet and lovely thought.

  4. Thanks for the gift! It’s a lovely reminder to enjoy life – to relish the memories of yesterdays/years, be grateful for today, and to look forward to even brighter tomorrow. The form you chose to use helps somehow to convey that message!

    1. Thank you @aryor, for your thoughts, after reading through. Cheers.

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