Cold Sun

I shiver from cold I don’t seem to see

My lips shake and rattle from deep within

My teeth are clattering

My body quivering

Is this not sun

From the east rising?

Why then do I tremble

From cold while its shining?


Oh cold sun!

Why art thou so cold?

You’ve made my day gloomy

Thus making me moody

Can a salt of its taste lost

Still be worth a thing?

If thou art cold

Of what use, then, is your shine?


There’d better be no sun at all

Than to make do of a cold one

8 thoughts on “Cold Sun” by uzywhyte (@uzywhyte)

  1. I like the flow, but please tell me who or what you are referring to here

  2. I am with @excellency on this one. Love the flow but can’t really tell what this is all about.

  3. We all agree that the sun is supposed to be hot and not cold. I wanted to use this paradox is explain “Personality”. I was trying to say that it is better to be nothing than to become the opposite of your divine/true nature. Though I’m not sure I succeeded at that.

  4. @uzywhyte
    love the words
    creating thoughts
    on my mind
    like a true sign

    1. I hope, sha, they are good thoughts

  5. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Hmmm “A cold sun.” interesting title. I read your comment explaining what the poem was all about. while reading this, i remembered a day i was suppose to sing at a program in school……….everywhere was hot was summer time, sun burning but!!!! i was shivering. I let my nerves get the best of me……………so this poem to me shows someone in an uncomfortable situation………..just to me oooh.

    Loved it!

  6. I’m glad you could relate to it from a different perspective @innoalifa

    1. @uzywhyte it was nice read indeed………. keep pushing on!!!!!!

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