Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three bags full
One for the Master
One for the dame
One for the little boy who lives down the lane


Bla bla black sheep
They think you a fool
To carry three bags full
To them who in comfort sleep

You’re all shorn
And I, your sibling, well worn
Love your neighbour as yourself
Not nail yourself to the shelf…

Black sheep
Sorrows, pain and poverty fill your eye
I dare not ask why
Else I know I would some of it keep

So, sow your wool
And you would a full
Abundance reap
Slave not and sell yourself not so cheap

Bla bla black sheep
If you have any wool
Yes Sir, Yes Sir,
Don’t be a fool
Give one to the needy
One for your being
Keep now the other one and quit being insane!!

12 thoughts on “BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP (renewed)” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Hilarious…I love this “remix” of the nursery rhyme… only the master can pull this off

    1. @Topazo: Oshei!! Had fun writing the thing ehn… sup with you?

  2. Lol

    But i tried to sing the stanzas to rhyme with the original…only the last worked.

    1. @kaycee: Wasn’t a total following…
      The four stanzas between were simply play things mixed to meet our demand.
      The last one truly is the only mirror. Had fun singing the last stanza sha… :)

  3. @sueddie lol really funny piece, like kaycee, tried to read it to the poem but it didn’t flow, but your response explains why.

    Really liked it, so will look for more stories/poems from you.

    Please if you have the time, read my 1st story on NS and also my prompt competition story.

    Leave a comment on the story good or bad and LIKE the prompt competition story if you like it, mine is the second post about nigerian markets.

    As a newbie on the site, I really need to get feedback from pros like you so I can improve.

    1. @dkny11: I guess you are no longer a newbie on NS but that doesn’t mean I don’t have that responsibility to go check your work…
      Thanks for the comment and for really liking… May the times smile for us jare… :)
      Would definitely get to you, soon.

  4. the second line on the third stanza ‘and i your sibling well worn’ doesnt seem to follow. ‘worn’ SEEMS to say the black sheep’s sibbling is also stressed but i think that was not what you were trying to tell us. It is a pretty job you did here.

    1. @basseyperfecta: Hello! Sorry I didn’t get back to you in this long ago. I have noted your point and yes, I would look to see if anything can be done … Meanwhile, just keep in mind that the troubling of one person can be a burden on that one’s entire family… What rubs (robs) one of us, robs (rubs) us all :)
      Thanks for the feedback. Means a lot, really.

  5. i like this renewed version,it is interesting and thought-provoking.

    1. @sambrightomo: Don Samo!! Long time jare… sorry I didn’t get to this earlier…
      Glad you like the poem. It was inspired by one of those days that just hit you with fresh thoughts…when the rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ give you new thoughts and all…
      Glad you like it. I pray that things work well for our land o… I pray so. Hope you good. Cheers!

  6. Ahn Ahn! Why would you let the darling, unassuming sheep know he’s been cheated? Are you Wikileaks?

    1. @jollyone: Hee hee hee! Sorry I had to come answer the allegation of Wiki years after your post…
      My sister, ha! What can one do or say to that question? Hmm…
      Baa baa baa! :)

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