And Fire Lies Waiting.

And Fire Lies Waiting.


Dry sticks

A forest prepared for conflagration

And how great the matter

The little spark will kindle


Petrol in our drinking water

How will we put out the fire


We will plunge

But now we breathe deep

With open mouths

Hacking and harrowing

Our respiration

Breaks the silence of night

Darkness still

The crack of malnourished ribs



The mosquitoes are fatter than the tenants of the house

The parasite is larger than the host


The storm is coming

But now the surface of the water is glass

Not a ripple to be seen

And in the depths

The monster writhes in tension

His teeth are red with blood

His eyes are gold

His talons are black with oily mud

He is suffocating


And every scale, every boil, every claw, every sore

All of him

Is hot

With the thought of vengeance


His sons roam the streets

They will unleash him


14 thoughts on “And Fire Lies Waiting.” by Gboyega Otolorin (@guywriterer)

  1. I really like this.

    I see three scenes rendered with interesting and beautiful imagery. But I fail to see the connection between them thus making it difficult for me to comprehend the poem as a whole unit.

    Well done boss. The poet in you definitely shone.

    1. Oga @chemokopi, thanks for commenting. For me, the whole poem is one emotion.

  2. Nice imagery…lol @the mosquitoesar fatter than the tenants of the house…that na serious matter

    1. LOL…yes o. Real serious matter…

  3. beutiful piece. My first time on this platform,u make it worthwhile. Fire on the mountain ooooo!

    1. Mr Joel, @joel, welcome to NS!!! I’m honoured my poem is one of the first things you read and you like it. Thanks.

      Fire on the mountain truly..

  4. @guywriterer, I enjoy this. Is this prophetic? What I think it’s saying, is that; trouble brews and the peacemakers have been paralyzed…

    1. Thanks for enjoying. I hope it’s prophetic, but only positively. When the fire comes down from the mountain, I pray only the guilty are burned.

  5. You write well.

    Though, the poem’s imagery in the middle made it seem disjointed from the start.

    But I got the message.

    Well done.

    1. Lady Eletrika, one of the First Ladies of NS!!! Thank you.

      1. I’m that by omission. Because the real first ladies went away. Just the way the presidents like you did.

  6. The forest is prepared for fire and the monster is eager to break surface! Hmmm… I Hope to not be at all near when it all comes to a head!

  7. this got me

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