When the World Says No

When the world says no
And for all I know
I have a dream to live
A dream more than sheer belief

When the world gives me another dream
Like a running stream
I take another route
To create my dream’s layout

When the world says never
I say never will I say never
I will strive to be me
And not any he or she

When the world says die
I will live to fly
Even if with a stranger for a friend
I will walk and work until my end

When the world says no more
I open my heart’s poetic door
And cry out my soul’s news
In simple rhythms and blues

When the world says have no stance
I speak out my heart and dance
‘Cause I’m breaking away from conventions’ cage
Embracing the truth with no rage

When the world steps on my toes
I smile to confuse my foes
As I go on writing my lines
Abandoning my enemies’ beelines

When the world with its tweets
Hold a machete to my poetic feet
I keep jumping across in silence
Hibernating until I get a balance

When the world says I’m no good
I remain quiet like a dogwood
Only to later shout against falsehood
More than the blabbing in my childhood

When the world says no
I say yes in credo
Because I’m the only one who knows that part
That part of me that is called the heart

When the world presses hard
I retreat to my library like a bard
Reading books and books and books
And I see myself strengthened beyond hooks

O! When the world says I’m deceiving myself
I live to bequeath my bookshelf
And let posterity judge
Whether or not I live to be me

28 thoughts on “When the World Says No” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. I like this… I say never will I say never @innoalifa. Keep it up

    1. @elovepoetry I really do appreciate your candid comment… I wrote it when all around seem to be saying ‘NO’ to a dream I hold so dear to my heart, a dream without which my life appears empty… thank you so much…

      1. @innoalifa… sometimes you are up, other times you are down, life takes a toll on you…. you just have to live through it.

        1. @elovepoetry Thank you so much for the encouragement dear… your words are swords that can help one survive the battlefield…

          1. @innoalifa…. i believe that if i am not around somebody to make them feel good through actions, then words would go beyond where space has limited me to.

            1. I share that believe with you @elovepoetry… words, like magnet draw us close to each even if we are separated by distance…

  2. This is no doubt from the recess of a soul that expresses no guile—Indeed when the world say No, I will I /retreat to my library like a bard
    Reading books and books and books
    And I see myself strengthened beyond hooks/

    Brother, you just told my story! Thank you for revealing this, it is nostalgic!

    1. @sambrightomo It’s good to know that we are sharers of the same painful but often shaping experiences… at least, I’m glad my heart’s trembling is also someone else’s… let’s never give up fellow writer…

      1. @sambrightomo… aren’t these words the bomb!!!>????

        Reading books and books and books
        And I see myself strengthened beyond hooks

        1. @elovepoetr … more than the boom boom of gunshots, they are the words alive in a writer-cum-reader’s inndermost cell – the soul…

          1. hooks and hooks every where, as i drop my anchor far beyond man’s reach to emerge a- more- than Christopher Okigbo nay William Shakespeare!!!

            1. … thanks for such word-full encouragement @sambrightomo

  3. Im proud to be a writer. Very Inspiring. Write on bro!

    1. For your soulful words, @shomyk thanks…

  4. @innoalifa, the world says no because they do not know. Good one there.

    1. @febidel … and when they know, they blatantly exhibit hatred for the rarest and dearest species… but the brave never say never… a bunch of thanks Efadel for your thought…

  5. Well done Poet, wholesome indeed.
    I like the flow..

    Stay inspired!

    1. @ayista … accept my poem-full gratitude for your motivating comment… Cheers!

  6. This is marvelous. Simple but marvelous.

    ‘Hold[s] a machete to my poetic feet’

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemokopi … a bunch of thanks fellow writer… I really do appreciate your candid comment and encouragement…

      1. You are welcome sir.

  7. It’s inspiring.
    Sufficiently creative, but i don’t understand or flow with you on the last line of the first stanza and the last line of the last stanza.
    The sound play was not in sync in those two places.
    I might be wrong!
    Good job.

    1. @whyte, I really appreciate you for stopping by. With reference to the last line of the first stanza, the poet persona refers to a passionate dream that surpasses all superficial fantasies.

      Considering the last line of the last stanza, the poet persona allows the world to be his judge. He says: “I live to bequeath my bookshelf/And let posterity judge/Whether or not I live to be me ” He is passionate about his dream and want to give meaningful expression to it, leaving posterity to be the final judge, whether or not he realized himself in life.

      I only hope that I’ve been able to make the poem clearer to you. You could check out another of my poems at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/03/elove-poetry-peeling-back-the-mask/ Thanks.

  8. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    @innoalifa I sighed alot while reading this. Well done!!!

    1. @ufuomaotebele, your sighing is a joyful effect of your keen reading of the poem………………..I’m really happy you did sigh or are you still making a sigh?…*smiling*…

  9. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    @innoalifa Lol………..lemme joooor let me sigh.

    1. @ufuomaotebele, I’m joining your beautiful sighing train oooooooo…….LOL………..

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