Even with a thousand windows open

And the many houses that lined the streets of his mind

And all the shanties befitting of his status,

He choose my own home for burglar


Armed with naked anger, he made a forceful entry

And broke my girdle

Back and forth – he took the door and manned the windows

I screamed for help but he seized my voice


With the same gun he gashed my head

Broken scalp, bloodied lips foggy eyes

I stood helpless


Not for the stolen goods did I bawl

Not for the shattered screen did I scream

I cried for the mother who birthed this thief

She must have had to put up with a lot


Off he departed before any help came

Leaving behind a virus-infected disk

In my house



7 thoughts on “Unsolicited” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    good write. bravo!

    1. @writefight … as an addendum to @basittjamiu comment, it’s truly a beautiful poem, ‘I screamed for help but he seized my voice’ Keep on bard that you may attain Nirvana…

  2. “A virus infected disk in my house”–that must be HIV! I like the choice of words.@writefight, you sabi.More grace to your elbow or is it to your fingers now? Thanks for sharing!

  3. @innoalifa, bassitjamiu and sambright.Thank you for Stopping by. Yes it is HIV. What victims of assault suffer is severe maze of trauma and unpredictable ailments.

  4. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to bear life’s terrible ailments but with courage, we bear what seems undearable…

  5. This is nice…

  6. This is a nice poem.

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