Today, I couldn’t reach my destination,

I had wandered away from the path;

I had been led astray by the glittering non-essentials,

And now I’m stuck and clueless, in the gathering night.

But tomorrow, with its promise of sunlight,

Holds an assurance of a journey completed.


Today, I failed to shine,

And lighten the world –

Giving the next man the inspiration to brighten his

own corner;

Today, I neglected the one thing that was essential – love.

As I look back with dismay,

I realize with a heart full of gratitude:

I have one more gift –

Tomorrow – to make things right.


Today, I failed; tomorrow I’ll succeed,

Today is marred by my actions,

Tomorrow is a fresh lump to be molded into greatness;

Today, I wished I had not been born,

Tomorrow I’ll be immortalized.

Tomorrow, a day of hope and better things awaits,

I’ll rise and meet it with gladness;

For tomorrow I’ll shine.

15 thoughts on “Tomorrow” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. @topazo, nice poem,the repetition is a great intesifier to the poem. BRAVO!

  2. Tomorrow indeed calls for us to perfect what we failed to achieve today. Nice.

    1. Tomorrow reeks of hope…
      Thanks @chemokopi

  3. more like a country song. Sure Kenny Rodgers will like this. i love it too

  4. Lovely, nicely written… I only have one problem; today, this moment is the gift, that’s why it’s called the “present”. Tomorrow is not assured. Hope is good though, but when it comes to righting wrongs, I think the corrections should start the moment it is discovered, that’s the present we have, coz at the risk of sounding pessimist, tomorrow might just never be…

    1. @excellency u hv a point…but the promise of a better tomorrow is what keeps us going…d moment we lose dt hope, we wnt b able to keep on going.
      At d end of “today” when our review shows we hv fallen short, its the promise of tmrw dt gives us hope dt we can do it better…and hv a second chance

      1. @topazo, yes the promise of a better tomorrow keeps us going, and that’s the the point we must keep going today if we must get to the better tomorrow, but if we stop going today waiting till tomorrow to start going, then if tomorrow comes we would find ourselves in the same mess of yesterday… Tomorrow would be better if we work at it today, I’m speaking in a more general term. But I get your drift…

  5. I enjoyed reading this…. But…. When tomorrow becomes today, what next? Wait for another tomorrow? ;)
    Good writing, as usual, still :)

    1. @olaedo thanks…when tomorrow comes, we wl correct all d mistkes of yesterday…nd strive to make smtn good out of it…
      We r lkn frwrd to tomorrow cos we hv taken stock of today…nd hv resolved dt tmrw wld b better dn today…
      And wen we take stock of “tomorrow” when it hs become “today”…the hope of anoda “tomorrow” to do better keeps us going

  6. Though I don’t believe in tomorrow for it’s just but a dreamy elusive vision, I like your poem.

  7. @topazo this is well-written, well-expressed, and as well, well-read………

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