Time Person Of The Year 2012

Time Person Of The Year 2012

An Ethiopian Airlines dreamliner is set to fly my wife and I from Addis Ababa to Lagos and hostesses welcome us with TIME magazine January 07, 2013. Its lead story reads like bold celebration of how human spirituality can give direction to popular politics and coming from a holiday in Kenya, I said it’s a must read for my country politicians!

TIME believes Barack Obama has given birth to modern presidential politics.

Inside Ethiopian dreamliner
Inside Ethiopian dreamliner

It said he did this by changing how politicians worked for their own victories by making giant cardboard image of the man.  Barack engages all of the people he needs to serve, the way life celebrates human spiritual principle. Obama re-enacts again why little drops of water coming from as many willing and able hearts hold more potential in creating a mighty ocean of sustainable change than the largest pots of campaign cash by the old-order politician in the exact same way that physical capital eventually bows before human capital. TIME recalls again and again how Obama could step up his game in the face of The America Challenge of 2008 and of 2012 by involving more people in new and better ways. Stretching the point about Obama’s campaign teams, TIME comes so close to suggest that if circumstances compel a Third Term, the new demographics born of reinventing presidential politics will win.

Unfortunately, due to human disconnections from its divinity, it falls short in concluding by believing that modern presidential politics will end when Obama’s time ends because no one else can take the momentum even higher. In this vein, it condones an attorney’s typical move to make graphic art mementos of Obama’s classic footstool. But human capital inevitably must surrender itself onto spiritual capital or divine will such that what Obama has done, as the Lord had said, he can show every next Democratic or people’s politicians to do even better because it is in the definition of Talent. That is what you can do that defines where you’re needed now, to turn a tool into a personal technic so everyone can prove the truth of it today and make tomorrow better than yesterday.

Therefore as talent is for serving people and achieving omnipresence in individual’s arena of influence, as TIME is doing in journalism. So Truth is a road to God that is in human heart which will make everyone you meet to feel so good to you: many will love you, some will like you, some will dislike you but no one will ignore you. Talent is to make man Godlike. It is why each of us needs a role model to grow talent daily. As Bill did Barack, Obama can role model Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, across the globe to Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria, even new strongmen of China and North Korea.

My role model is Harold Klemp. I know he leads all who have seen God to be fully Godlike. TIME must know what that means because Obama has just proved how to use its value, how we are each a face and a facet, or Clergy of God. Since man learned to say the voice of the people is the voice of God, Man’s greatest talent in each lifetime comes from such a role model who can lead man into the era of spiritual capital, the way Cloud Era in computing will eventually billow into its Clergy Era.

In giving man’s start-up lesson how to go from human to divine consciousness in daily life, a role model helps you to always make the choice Obama reveals between what I want and what I need. The former is for me and the latter is for the good of all. My role model taught me how to step up on life’s ladder of divine consciousness by applying the greatest-goodness principle and practice. Obama uses from this principle against all physical odds to make winning seem ordained but perhaps what TIME and Obama may have missed in common is the cracker-jack of it all, how to live for God in the name of God.

As it can be done in individuals, family, community, country or continent, when seven billion people of this planet put together their freewill in one Ban Kimoon’s game, it will give a small picture of divine greatness. The role model teaches man how to achieve this unity of consciousness by lifting up voices to sing each individual’s most holy name for God in one chorus. What you get is a view of divine goodness in the Sound my role model let me call Clergy HU Chorus in my series The Three Freedoms.

Each religion’s holy name for God such as Alleluia and Allah HU, is a harmony of HU. This HU Sound fills God’s love or happiness into every heart to make merchants of love.  So the real contribution of TIME marking Obama as the dawn of spirituality in politics re-echoes the how-to of the lord’s tools of freewill: where two or three gather in my name I’m there; whatsoever you do to anyone of your own you do to me; come unto me and I shall lift you up. Three tools for the HU technic.

Tony Nwadialo – Author, The Three Freedoms, Volume 1 @ www.createspace.com/3860724

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. Truly, as you’ve stated here, I notice that the higher we go, the farther we seem to grow from God whereas, it should be the other way round. But we should also remember that there are two great forces in the world. Only God knows who’s drawing the strength to move higher from him. For me sha, I refuse to look up to any human.

    And concerning that HU in the ending, well…

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