The Event

The Event

Apologies in advance if this feels macabre; I was thinking of all the people that have died in a bomb blast and how their lives might have started that morning before the fateful happened.
Did they have a premonition? Did something try to stop them? We may never know…
“Hello…hey, morning. No I am…was still asleep. What?!”
He looked up at his bedside clock;
6:30 AM
One full hour had gone by and Sammy had once again slept through his alarm
“Damn it! I have to change this thing; it no longer wakes me up. I’ll call you back, let me get dressed”
The thought of how long it would take to the shop first to pick up Grace’s package before heading to the office worried Sammy; he’d have to call in late; the second time this week. Rushing into the bathroom, he prayed silently that Andy would come in much later or that would be a query, the asshole…

Yusuf felt the tears well up slightly as he absorbed the pain that surged through his leg. He had been absent-minded while he walked down to the bus-stop and he hit his foot on a big stone.
His left foot.
There was a superstition in his village that was bad luck to hit your left leg on a stone. He ought to return home and start his journey all over but then he would miss his free ride to work and he didn’t have money to fund his transport to the shop in Ikoyi where he worked as a cleaner. He continued his journey limping faintly to the bus-stop to wait for his bus driver friend who worked along the Iyana-Oworo – Obalende route…

7:30 AM
The time displayed on the dash board; he was on schedule. He hadn’t been able to sleep all night and so he figured he might just get along with it and besides he wouldn’t want to run into the police on the way. Not that it would matter, he scoffed, after-all what did they know? Those guys wouldn’t be able to detect a criminal if he walked around with a sign on his forehead…
Wait, was someone tailing him?
He stared into the rear-view mirror at a red Honda EOD that seemed to be following him all the while. Five minutes after putting his glasses back on to look at the mirror better he had to admit that he was being paranoid. He just had to relax and see the whole thing through. He looked down to turn on the car stereo; of course, no stereo. Well, it’s not like he would be driving the car after today so he hadn’t bothered to specify that he need a stereo in the car. Skilla had simply delivered the car to him the night before and he took it for a little drive to be sure it worked fine; but for four hundred thousand naira you would think Skilla to have been able to jack a better car.

8:02 AM
“Good morning sir, my name is Mabel. How may I help you?”
“Hello Mabel, I am Sammy and I am here to pick up a package for a Miss Grace. I was here yesterday”
“Of course. Please hold while I go get it, I’ll take a minute. You can have a seat”
“Thank you”
As Mabel walked back to the inner office she felt a chill, and called for Yusuf…
“Please turn off the AC and get another bottle for the water dispenser.”

‘Morning chairman’
Ehh, how far na?’
Bros I dey, anything for boys’
If I come out, I go find una something make I go sharply see pesin for inside’
‘Ok chief, welcome’
And with that Ogbe passed the navy blue Toyota Camry into the complex. Two hours later, he would swear that he searched the trunk of the car and that the bomb was probably strapped beneath the car.

5 thoughts on “The Event” by Salliness (@Salliness)

  1. I enjoyed reading this.
    I loved, particularly, how you got them all to be in the same place, at the same time.

  2. The plot was well women together, and the characters too, very realistic. Well done.

  3. @Salliness, I had to read the comments to figure out what was going on here. I think that for a short story, you had too many characters – and the ‘7.30AM’ paragraph confused me, because it felt very out of sequence and it was anonymous.

  4. Had to go by it twice, agree with Tola, a nice conception though, kudos…

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