The Anthem

The Anthem

The anthem reverberated in our head
That we were the leaders of tomorrow
So young and naive, like morons,
We awaited the day of manifestation.

Alas, they only camouflaged to rule
And we marched to their sweet verse,
“The leaders of tomorrow”,
But tomorrow never came!

We stood by and watched them,
Shadowed by the cobwebs of ignorance.
Even the mournful clouds hid the sun,
Keeping silent about their secret agenda!

Our hopes murdered in selfish games
Leaders of tomorrow…? When shall that be?
When shall we be entitled to our birth right
And claim the throne as rightful heirs?

Like a watch strap to the wrist, we cling
To the anthem, “the leaders of tomorrow”.
But our toddling legs are now aching
And the anthem now only bores our ears.

7 thoughts on “The Anthem” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. @shomyk This is a beautiful poem… keep on man…

      1. @shomyk … that’s good to know friend…

  2. ……………………..nice write keep it up.

  3. Clap! Clap! Clap!


  4. @chemokopi, thanks for reading. That you tag it awesome means alot to me.

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