Tell them (why we did it)

Tell them (why we did it)

A baby cries

The tenth time that morning

Inspired by the music of the rumbling in her tummy

Her soprano cuts through the air

Riding on waves of heat and despair

For you see, there is no hope here


So she cries


On and on till the mother can take no more

See, her weary breasts are dry and sore

She’s a victim of life and patron of death

So today she pays another debt




There will be no more crying


And no more laughter


Not in the house of the grieving father

Whose sons will never return

Cursed be the day they were born

Or the day they were torn

From his weak and failing arms

Who will tend his dying farm?

Or carry on his name

Or carry on his name

God, who is he to blame?


So there will be no more laughter


But the clap of a dane gun’s thunder

And the shrieks of a grieving mother

The inferno of consuming anger

Death is our desire


So we share


Our pain


Our gain

The cemetery

Our life



So should the police knock down your door

Asking why we raised the roof and burned the floor

Demanding you give an explanation, or…

Tell them why we did it.

4 thoughts on “Tell them (why we did it)” by Ndukwe Onuoha (@Muse)

  1. Great! My cap on a duff up.

  2. Hahaha…nice one

  3. Wow! This is beautiful.

    Well done.

  4. kay (@kaymillion)


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