Tell Me, O Compatriots

Tell me, O Compatriots,
Tell me of heroes’ labour past
That has indeed not been in vain.
Tell me how many our fatherland have served
With love or strength or faith
For these entire have we wasted.
Tell me how freely we’re bonded in peace
For this in our lips declare, but heart deny.

Tell me what noble cause we pursue
And I’ll tell a thousand ignoble ones pursued;
Tell me how God will guide our leaders aright
If they gladly lead themselves in the wrong;
Tell me one truth our youth do know
And I’ll tell how honestly falsehood they love;
Tell how justly we live, I’ll tell how truly we do;
Tell me what reigns in our nation
And I’ll show its neither justice nor peace.

Arise, O Compatriots,
Let’s not in vain sing our chorus
Nor let its beauty flow listlessly from our lips.
Let’s slice our century in half
And telling ourselves how unfaithful we’ve been
Live each word, each day in truth
And honestly do pray God of creation
Our true co-creative spirits direct with his.

5 thoughts on “Tell Me, O Compatriots” by Carlobasi (@Carlobasi)

  1. Oh! Proudly nigerian, I rise with you.

  2. @carlobasi, Oh! Proudly nigerian, I rise with you.

    1. @basittjamiu….thank you. Proudly Nigerian, no matter the pain. Cheers


    1. Thank you, @Katiee. Very much. cheers:-)

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