We really are alone child

We have no one in this world

For no one how ever close to your bosom

Can feel what you feel when agony comes


Who will dance the steps of death with you

When sickness ravages your flesh

Like an ardent lover would


When you’re stuck in a hard place

Cheap meat for agony and pains

The best friends can do is comfort you

But sweet words won’t kiss the pain away.


Who’ll be at your side

During the still hours of the night

As grief eats you bit by bit

As tears flow ceaselessly

Who can feel the same heartache

When your heart shatters to pieces

Can anyone share your grief

When disaster visits?


Depression and cravings

Are really your best friends

Can any one ever truly

Your soul understand?


Look carefully around child

Don’t be deceived by any man

For the only helping hand you’d ever find

Is the one at the end of your arm…

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