Slap me now b*tch.

I wonder a lot who’s really evil, men or women? It seems to that women take advantage of their so-called fragility and their position as the weaker sex to do their evil. Some girls are intentionally annoying, pushing men to the edge and when these men finally go over the edge everyone blames the man.

Sometimes, not all the time, it’s the woman at fault and sometimes, not all the time the woman deserves what she gets. Take Zainab for example, the BBA housemate from Sierra Leone who got into a fight with DKB the dude from Ghana. How do you expect to be all in a guy’s face repeatedly shouting “Slap me now, bitch!” and expect that nothing will happen? I mean, except the guy in question has some amazing self control/isn’t really a guy, chances are that guuurrrl you’re about to get slapped. Being a girl doesn’t give you an automatic “innocent” verdict and it definitely doesn’t mean you’re always the victim.

This scenario is replayed way too often. A girl taking advantage of her femininity to be incredibly annoying. Most people blamed DKB for his regrettable act but I was secretly rooting him on and I found the whole thing very amusing. How do you expect the guy to be a gentleman if you yourself aren’t being very gentle?

I grew up in a house with four daughters, no boy. Add a few aunties to that mix and you’ve got yourself a full blown woman house or “girl’s hostel” as some people liked to call it. In a house like that, you don’t get excused for anything because you’re a girl. There was no job that needed to be done that waited for a man. None.  When there was a fire outbreak, guess who put out the fire? Waiting for a guy? Psssh. And when it was time to cook, that was done beautifully as well (well, when I wasn’t the one cooking).

Guys aren’t always the monsters, and girls need to stop acting so frail all the time. They feel like they can win anyone over with tears. OK, I’ll admit, I’ve used tears to save myself a number of times in my life but regardless…

The world is unfair to women, fine, but the world is also unfair to men, in fact the world is unfair period.

We (yes we) feminists, want to gain equality to men right? But have we realized that having men open our doors for us is NOT equality? Have we realized that having guys give up their seats for us is NOT equality? Basically what many of us don’t realize is that we’re asking for inequality to be scrapped whilst we struggle to retain the parts of it that appeal to us.  Um, I don’t think so.

Love and kisses,

P.S. This is just me being my sometimes confused self. Chances are, I will change  my opinion (soon)

P.p.s This doesn’t mean I condone violence in any form

P.p.p.s Do not hit a woman, ever, or a man

P.p.p.p.s Someone tell me if my use of ‘P.S-es’ are correct, thanks


11 thoughts on “Slap me now b*tch.” by Yeniee (@Yeniee)

  1. This is not even an issue. I seriously doubt i would hesitate to slap a woman who begs for it.

  2. This is a nice piece…my take? No matter how annoying do not hit a woman!

    1. yeah. No matter how annoying, do not hit anybody!! :). Thank youuu

  3. Word.

    “Basically what many of us don’t realize is that we’re asking for inequality to be scrapped whilst we struggle to retain the parts of it that appeal to us. “. That summarizes it. Succinctly.

    I like the style of writing. Fluid and informal in a good way. I would like to see you do a fictional work with much dialogue. I think you will do well with that. Maybe rival @howyoudey (I believe he is the king of dialogue around these parts :)

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. Thanks for reading!!! :)

  4. Nicely written. I have never realised that equality might mean guys and girls take turns to open the door for each other. Let’s say the husband does all the door opening on Monday and the wife on Tuesday. That would be interesting.

    Keep writing.

    1. Lol :). Thanks for reading…

  5. Hey, hitting a woman for whatever reason is lame. If yhu really wanna show yo strength, hold yoself in. There is more power in control than release. My 5 bucks

    1. You’re right. hitting anyone for whatever reason is lame. Thanks for reading :)

  6. I respect a guy who visibly holds onto his self control, even when reason says he can hit a lady because she asked for it.
    I think your P.Ses are correct. Hehe.

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