OLANMA – Beautiful Ring 2

OLANMA – Beautiful Ring 2

Ola couldn’t further her education after her secondary school, because of finance, she managed to find a job as a receptionist in a business center; one evening she was coming back from work ,she noticed that a car was following her slowly,she wasn”t surprise because it is not the first time she is experiencing it; when the car came closer to her, somebody called her by her name, she turned and saw that it was Chief Emenike. Chief Emenike is a politician,rich,ugly,short ,dirty and generous man; his teeth is the type that protrudes out, which makes it difficult to know when he is angry or happy, but upon all these odd qualities, young ladies cant let him be ,his relationship with ladies is that of Ants and sugar, because he easily gives women money especially the beautiful ones, as an Igbo adage says Onye ji igu ka Ewu na eso(is he who holds palm fronds that goats follows); everybody in his neighbourhood and beyond knows chief Emenike as a prolific womanizer, he sleeps with any female both old and young provided the person is a woman, although he is married, he sees his wife as one of the furnitures in his house; couple of years ago he slept off in his car while waiting for one of his young mistress who was a student at saint Ebenezer girls secondary school, when he woke up he found out that some mischievous students have filled his mouth with pieces of paper; when he got closer to Ola, he smiled sheepishly at Ola and told her that he will like to talk to her, at first she wanted to insult chief Emenike and walk away, but she changed her mind knowing well that Chief will surely give her money if she agrees to talk to him in his car.

Immediately she enters chief Emenike”s car she almost vomited ,because of the awful odour in the car, she saw some boiled eggs in a small nylon bag beside chief Emenike”s seat, probably he must have eaten good number of them, coupled with the window of the car that was closed because the air-condition was on, this made the air to circulate within the car; well that is the price one had to pay for getting a free ride home and free Money from a mobile ATM machine as chief is popularly called by some angry boys whom chief has taken away their girlfriends. as weeks goes on ,Ola”s relationship with Chief Emenike became more serious, Chief some times do take her along when traveling to Abuja for a political meeting, this made more married women in Ola”s neighbourhood to hate her more, but none of them were able to confront her because they were afraid of her, the only lady that was bold to confront her was Sister Angela, but her encounter with Ola made her to pack out from the neighbourhood for the safety of her life.

Sister Angela was one of the strong members of a Pentecostal church in the neighborhood,she is almost forty years old, but still single, she looks haggard and skinny, people, do say that she fasts and prays everyday, some children sometimes do gossip that she fasted forty day forty nights, Sister angela weaks up 6am in the morning and walk from street to street preaching, singing loudly, few months ago ;she was preaching in one of the street early in the morning, shouting loudly, One of the Dogs in that street started running towards her, barking aggressively; at first, sister Angela, started casting and binding the dog with her prayers, the more she prays, the more aggressive the dog became, all of a sudden the dog pounced on her and she felled down, she quickly got up and ran for her dear life, living behind her Bible, slippers shoe, scarf; one of the security men in that street who saw how sister Angela was running, jokingly said that he is now convinced that sister Angela can comfortably win a gold medal in any running competition, he further said that at first sister Angela was “shouting Holy Ghost Fire” but when the dog pounced on her, she couldn’t remember to shout Holy Ghost Fire, rather she shouted “Nkita ataa kwaa nu mu o” which means in english the “Dog has bitten me” .since that day she never went to that street to preach in the morning.

Some married women who were afraid to challenge Ola because of her affairs with their husbands, were all happy when Sister Angela told them that she will personally confront Ola concerning the way she has been breaking many marriages easily as if she is breaking palm kernels. One Saturday evening Ola was coming back from her tailor’s shop, she saw sister Angela coming towards her, as she came closer to sister Angela, she smiled and greeted her, she quickly responded to Ola”s greeting, and told Ola that she will like to talk to her briefly,Ola reluctantly agreed to listen to her ; sister Angela started preaching to Ola,telling her that her life style is not a life style Christ Jesus wanted her to live, by then Ola started getting annoyed, she told sister Angela that she Ola have the right to live her life the way she wants to live it, as she was about to walk out from sister Angela, sister angela indirectly called her a harlot; Ola couldn’t hold back her anger any more, She turned back and started fighting sister Angela, she had advantage over sister Angela, because she is younger and well built, so it wasn”t difficult for her to beat sister Angela, some people that tried to separate both of them got the beaten of their lives by some touts or Agberos as they are popularly called, this is because Ola normally give them some money which they use to smoke Indian Hemp,Marijuana,Igbo,guff,Akpuruachia, as it was called by different people.

Okpaka one of the notorious touts later brought a cane for Ola to use to flog sister Angela; everybody knows Okpaka as a deadly criminal,his eyes are always red in colour courtesy of the quantity of Indian Hemp he smokes daily, his body is filled with different types of injury marks, probably the ones he got when he went for robbery, he drinks whiskey as if he is drinking water, almost everybody in the neighbourhood tries to avoid him by all means, some families whom he has caused pains in the neighbourhood has taken it upon themselves, to pray every mid night reminding God of their request for him to send one of his Angels from heaven to come and destroy Okpaka; as Ola was flogging sister Angela who was helpless, Mama Anna,who is the oldest woman in the neighbourhood came to her rescue, and stopped Ola from flogging sister Angela.

Ola stopped immediately she saw Mama Anna, whom she respects so much, not just because she was old, but because Ola spend alot of time with Mama Anna when she was a kid, so she took Mama Anna as her own grandmother. Later in the night the same day ,Sister Angela was woken up by a sharp slap on her cheek, only for her to see Okpaka and three other dirty touts standing near her in her bedroom, at first, sister Angela thought she was dreaming, she ignored Okpaka and his friends, she jumped up when she got another painful slap from okpaka, it was then she realized that she wasn’t dreaming , she started begging okpaka to take whatever he wants to take from the room and spare her life, as she was begging, okpaka gave her another slap which made her to fell down like a hip of sand; okpaka told her that they will spare her life if she promise to pack out from that neighbourhood before the end of the month.

Sister Angela tried to tell them that it won’t be possible for her to get a new house in a short time, her explanation got Ekene one of the touts angry, he brought out his belt and started flogging sister Angela, unfortunately nobody heard her voice when she was crying, because it was raining heavily that night; two weeks later, everybody was surprise to see sister Angela packing out from the neighborhood,nobody knew the reason why she was leaving, few people speculated that probably the landlord gave her a quit notice; people became more confused when they saw the landlord and his wife asking sister Angela the reason she wants to park out from their compound, sister Angela simply told them that she felt like changing environment, which people knew she was lying ……

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  1. This story just went north and south…dunno what to say…

  2. This is just so turgid, I couldn’t make much sense of it. Before sharing your stories, I urge you to read some books and then compare what you want others to read. This is not good at all.

  3. OHUKS (@UCHE77)

    Thanks Myne,comments like yours motivates me to improve in my writing, I just want to inform you that am not an editor, so if I wish to publish my stories, is not gonna come out like this, it has to be edited by an English scholar, I also want to inform you that am not a professional writer, I just put this stories on the paper as they flash on my mind while resting, I believe you are a good writer, so I need more of your critic comments to put me on track, bye:)))

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