Musings Of A Hustler (episode 4)

Musings Of A Hustler (episode 4)

 Have you ever had a really nasty day the previous day and for like ten minutes after you wake up the next day, memories of it all comes swirling back and you wish it had all happened in your dream?

That was exactly how I felt a little after noon when I woke up. In fact, worse!

My friend, Alex was nowhere to be found although the nice girl had prepared me some food which I sighted on the table but believe me, feeding was the least of my concerns. For the next twenty minutes, my mind kept running through the events of the previous night, interjected with jolts of regret for setting out that particular night, talking with that particular animal, etc. Didn’t know when I eventually dozed off.

I was woken up a couple of hours later up with the sounds of Alex returning to the apartment. She had gone to the site of my disgraceful molestation to see things for herself and if I was hoping to forget the events of the previous day, Alex’s tatafo wouldn’t just allow it.

“Jenny! You won’t believe it! I saw your phone there!” she exclaimed holding up the mud smeared Blackberry phone which battery had gone flat like some world cup trophy. I was meant to be pleased but strangely, nothing made sense to me at that point. I just replied with a curt and disinterested ‘oh! Are you serious?’

She kept on going on about how she had traced the place from my description and about how she had spoken to some people around the area…blah…blah…blah. Alex apparently must revel in this new ‘investigative journalism’ to notice the apathy so clearly etched on my face. Then i started slumbering back into my mindless dream when the electricity came on and I had the perfect reason to break Alex’s tortuous recollection of her visit to ground zero.

Oya gimme the phone” I urged her while I walked laboriously and through the pain barrier occasioned by last night’s events to charge the phone.

Alex wasn’t done. “ shey you won’t go to the hospital ni?” or even use some drugs? What if the idiots have infected you with anything?

Perhaps a more sensitive person would realize I was scared and needed some sort of security or comfort at that point; not my friend, Alex. A sudden pause came over me and the thought of the possibility of her last statement hit me so hard and sent chills down my spine. I was really scared. It wasn’t like that was the first time I would have unprotected sex but with the sheer number of unprotected dicks that went into me last night, it would be a miracle if her fears were unconfirmed.

“Take first, use it quick” she continued, handing over a tablet of Postinor to me. I took it from her while I looked at her and briefly wondered if she had been involved in a post rape treatment before to have it all figured out. I really could not imagine having a baby for those bastards. Got a glass of water, guzzled some food and took the drug. By now, my phone, charged had started beeping fiercely with bbm messages and text messages.

I quickly scrolled through the messages; most were broadcast messages, a few from my classmates who wanted to know why I skipped Saturday morning class and one from my roommate, Linda who wanted to know where I had been since last night. I also got two text messages; one from my network provider and one from my mum. My heart skipped a beat when I saw my mum’s name on the text; the poor woman wanted to know why she hadn’t heard from me and also mentioned the pressure she was being put through to pay her bills at the hospital. The last line of her text message provoked unbridled tears from me afresh. I clutched my phone and re-read what she had written; “God bless you, you are all I have”.

Deep within me, I realized that despite the events of yester night, I was never going to watch helplessly while my mum was dying. I had not noticed Alex had been watching me all along. With a smile she said; “Jenny, don’t cry, you need money ba?  manage this, sort yourself out. Pay back when you can”.

Stunned and puzzled I instinctively collected a bundle of notes from her and counted; N40000!

“ wha…t..Alex…how? in…where?…” I muttered incoherently. Swerving her arms around me like a big sister, I sank into her embrace and sobbed uncontrollably. Alex had lifted a burden off me. Then I looked into her eyes and told her; “Alex, I owe you. Thank you.”

“ No wahala, what are friends for? Sha don’t forget to repay when you can. Meanwhile, dress up, there’s a clinic across the street, let’s go and do the tests”.

Within 40 minutes, after going through the usual formalities of registration at the clinic (paid for by Alex), the tests had been concluded. As against the doctor’s advice, I returned for the result and waited. The curiosity was one thing, the nervousness I would feel expecting the results while staying in Alex’s house would be palpable. The one hour I waited was the longest one hour in my life. It felt like an eternity. My feeling of anxiety was only periodically interjected by the feeling of relief I felt knowing I had more than enough to pay for momsie’s hospital bills albeit temporarily. I called her and reassured her that I had been held up in school preparing for a test that morning and would join her at the hospital the next day.

Finally, the doctor called me in while Alex waited outside. Bizarrely, in all my anxiety and fearful state, I took a second to take in the doctor’s appearance of. Doctor Jude was tall and clean shaven with pink lower lips and a composed disposition. At other times, I would have felt something attractive, but not now. The only attraction I had for him was his knowledge of my tests. My heart was racing so fast, I could have sworn I heard it beating to Psquare’s “Alingo”.

Then, contrary to his facial expression and without any warning, he said calmly; “Jenny, I‘ve got bad news for you’.

I almost fainted.


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  1. ash the dream (@ash04)

    Like the previous, I enjoyed this too, waiting ƒσя the next

  2. Alex lend’s you your money,you picked only 10k and left 40k with your bb on the the scene,I saw her,lol
    Nice story.

    1. Dominic Ohai (@DominicOhai)

      Loool! That thought just flashed my mind. Alex just got richer i guess, while pretending to help her friend

  3. Now this is what I call SUSPENSE…
    Thumbs up man

  4. Hope she’s not HIV . Then those guys are finished.

  5. @Theo …lol…she isnt…and even if she was…those guys wont bethe only once suffering it wud they? our MC would have been a walking dead…plus medically, the chances of a guy contactin the virus on a first intercourse is low…

    anyways…thanks for reading

    1. Da Queen (@Estee)

      @Ayoks is this medically correct? So how many times wud one have unprotected sex wit an infected person to contract d virus?

    2. @Ayoks, that’s the Gamblers Fallacy. You should be careful about the claims you make on sensitive issues such as HIV. You’ve written a very captivating story here, though.

      1. @Da Queen @Efadel

        Being a lawyer, am always mindful to not make claims I don’t have evidence of or having researched upon.

        I don’t encourage unprotected sex but we also shd knw d truth about d disease. Perhaps, the link below will prove useful.

        And efadel…I verily knw d sensitivity of d issue @ stake..

  6. @kodeya …thanks man…

  7. @ash04 …tanks bro…hope you ve read the next episode?

  8. Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

    oops! bad news?…hope it’s not too

  9. @uzomaumekwe..heehehh…hope so too

  10. Zikora (@Zikora)

    @Ayoks…what is ‘Postinor?’ Is that the name of the morning after pill used in Nigeria??

  11. @Zikora…postinor is a after conception contraceptive here in Nigeria

  12. Again a good one

  13. glow (@anyieinstein)

    Bad news? Ehen. I can hear her heart beats… Ayoks, u are really good at this

  14. Good cliffhanger..

    Really good.

  15. You are good at this. Well done. $ß.

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