Love in Strange Places 2

For the next five years life was cool for me. Jobs were coming from all over the country. Recently, I did a collaboration with Omoni Oboli in a home video that was a hit. Tyrone became my representative at the Nigerian Office (By the way, the name of my outfit is KeishaCom which is short for Keisha Communications)

Because of the nature of my job, I was a globetrotter, whenever the schedule is tight such that I require the presence of my assistant, Ty would accompany me. I was a workaholic hooked on a lifestyle of drugs, sex and lots of booze. To the outside world, I was the impeccable Keisha who was too perfect but… if only they knew!

Ty found out one night when we were about to go for a function in Atlanta, Georgia. I had been invited by an American friend who was a friend to Zoe Saldana for a business chat. Two days to the scheduled meeting, I called Ty to hold my calls that I wouldn’t be coming to the office today.

I was in the mood that day and needed a shot of Coke to keep me in high mode so I locked myself in my room, got high, called one of my boyfriends and we hit the sack right in the living room. We had thrown all caution to the winds that we forgot to lock the door, next thing I knew, there was a shout.

“Keisha! What is this?” A surprised Tyrone stood in the doorway with a bulky file in his hands.

We just stared at him for awhile before the shock wore off.

“How can you just barge in like that?” I shouted as I made an effort to conceal my bare frame, “don’t you have the decency to knock or call?”

“I called, you didn’t answer the phone and this documents needed your attention which was why I brought them here” He replied, a little subdued though I could see from his expression that he was hurt and trying to be polite.

He dropped the file on the table and left.

I didn’t look at the documents till the early hours of the next day when I had dismissed my boyfriend on the grounds that I need to attend to a pressing issue but not without promising to hook up later.

At 1500hrs, I called Ty.

“Hello”, he answered on the fifth ring.

“Where did you keep your phone?” I questioned, my voice getting edgy.

“I was busy” he countered.”

“Busy doing what? I inquired, so busy that you forgot our code of conduct to always answer calls on the first ring?”

“I’m sorry but no apology for my action.”

My head buzzed and a vein throbbed in my forehead.

“What is wrong with you? when did all this start? is it because I’ve allowed us to be familiar that you should talk to your…

“I’m so sorry” he cut me short “The life you’re living is not good and please take my advice, you should stop this lifestyle or you’ll end up in the dumps”.

“Keep your advice to yourself” I shouted as I hung up the call.

Who does he think He is anyway?

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  1. Okay…but could be better.Watch out for tenses. Kip writing!

  2. Nice work……u did great but I also trust you can do better

  3. Please post the next update ASAP, am hooked

  4. Da Queen (@Estee)

    Ty is ur boss na sorry PA. Lol

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