Living a life of purpose

Living a life of purpose


The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Those individuals who live their lives ‘on purpose’ are not prone to wondering what the meaning and purpose of their life is.

They have already decided or chosen what that is. Sometimes the choice is complex. Other times it is simple. Sometimes the choice is highly idealistic. Sometimes it is simply pragmatic. It does not matter what the choice is, except to the person who has made the choice.

By choosing a purpose to live life by, life takes on meaning and direction. That is important, critical even, to personal fulfillment and happiness.

The other matter of importance is that, in not deciding on one’s own purpose, a purpose often gets assigned to an individual by their culture, their family, their government or even, by any other individual who seeks to control others for their own purposes.

There is no one more handicapped in life than the fully functional human who lacks a purpose to live each moment. People who have a sense of purpose often seem obsessed, even fanatical, to those who do not. The reasons for their success are not understood by the purpose-less and their success is often subscribed to luck or accident. It is neither.

Living on purpose creates success.

The seven steps to successfully living a life of purpose and meaning:

1. Defining your purpose

2. Commitment to that purpose

3. Living intentionally on purpose

4. Harmonizing your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds with your purpose

5. Surrender to your purpose

6. Devotion to your purpose

7. Detachment from your purpose

Creating a life of abundant happiness and success is all about bringing congruity to your self. Form your ideals in your imagination. Visualize them in their completeness. Be passionate about them. Desire their materialization. Affirm their reality to build your belief. Be grateful for their existence. Then act as if they were already existent in the material as well as in the imaginal.

In other words, be, do and have in agreement, in accord, with your ideals and you will produce or create their manifestation. Be congruous. Act harmoniously. Have accordance with your ideals. You will be living your life ‘on purpose’. Success will naturally result.

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