Joyful Crossover

Joyful Crossover

Sparkling into the window of our eyes,
Through the mirror of the sky
And upon our restless ears-
Are fireworks tursling for space,
In the territory they strive only to beautify
In the light of a great euphoria;

A euphoria of victory over 2012
Stamping our feet upon it to extinction
Frowning at the wings of its friendship
’cause ol’ things have passed away.

Until we match along to the dust
2013- come let’s swim in the tide of your favour abound.

As we shake hands- with hearts flip with joy
I welcome you to 2013.

7 thoughts on “Joyful Crossover” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. so, are we…………,nice write.

  2. Welcome too

    1. Thanks bro. Welcome

  3. @innoalifa, so glad you made it here. Thanks

    1. @shomyk … expecting to read more…

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