When my heart deals proudly,

and forgets that you only dwell with the lowly;

When my vision becomes cloudy,

and in my heart i begin to entertain folly

Then,lord show me your glory.


When the beauty of your presence

and the dignity of your essence

begins to lose its significance;

and when sacred duty begins to look ordinary,

then, lord show me your glory.


When my soul is weary,

and my feet become heavy;

when the path i’ve been called to tread seems


and the voice of despair grows strongly

then,lord show me your glory.


When your words and promises seem empty

and the fires of faith and hope glow dimly;

when all around looks dreary,

and sighing and wailing replace all that was once


then, lord show me your glory.


When my heart begins to mock all things holy,

and hold in light esteem all that was once weighty;

when all things forbidden glows sparkly,

and the darkness now shines brightly,

then lord show me your glory.


Oh lord, show me your glory-

a blissful recital of your name,

a glimpse of your backside-

and leave on me an impact that would never fade;

a beautiful reminder of a wonderful experience.



3 thoughts on “Glory” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. @topazo … a nice piece noble poet… life outside the glory of God, no matter how seemingly great is vain… thank you so much for your truth-telling piece…

    1. @topazo … you are highly welcome…

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