Of the whites and blacks, many a colour I perceive

Shades of grey and other darker hues

And one single bright colour piercing through

Clear, yet shielded by the palette of the artist.


But being where I would

Aware of the essence of the glistening white

It extracts the colour of prejudice from my eyes

I am untroubled by the threat of the con-Artist


I see, I look on but couldn’t say more

In the presence of the men holding the paintings

To shield the piercing white

From reaching the nooks of my cracked clay pot


© Shittu Fowora 2012

3 thoughts on “Con-artists” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. … a beautiful poem writefight…

  2. I like this one. Somewhere in those lines one gets the feeling that this poet knows what he is about.

    1. Oh, Mr shittu, na you?

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