C hrist, the way, truth and light- the essence of C hristmas

H allowed be thy name.Salvation of the lost, we H erald

R eveling the presence of your majesty, in silent R everie!

I ncense we burn- hallelujah to the most ‘I’

S o severely burnt- the devil in S orrow!

T ill eternity, Christ’s birth we’ll T reasure

M errily, we sing to the M essiah,

A lluring is the word he brought A long-

S anctifying our being. Christmas is our S olace!

4 thoughts on “Christmas” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. Hehe, you forced us to notice what you did abi? Like that hardwork shouldn’t go unnoticed, shey? :)

    This is nice. You wrapped up the whole essence of Christmas, with these few words.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

  2. Yes my brother @chemokopi. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.

  3. Thanks @topazo..rilly appreciate

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