Beyond the Routine

It was Boxing Day and I’d woken to a rewarding time ahead of me. There were some messages still coming in with wishes of goodwill. I needed to send some out too. So, I settled for sparing some time to chat. The lot fell on a pediatrician friend I hadn’t heard from for quite some time. I wanted to find out how she was doing during the Christmas season and to express my good wishes. She was about 300 miles away, in Calabar, where so many activities were taking place during the season.

“Christmas? I’m not the best person to know how it is. I’ve been busy in the theatre resuscitating babies.”

I was quite thrilled, though I could read she meant she wasn’t in the usual Christmas mood that characterized Calabar at the moment. The reality was that I wasn’t interested in finding out how Christmas was in Calabar; I was interested in knowing how her Christmas season was.

I needed to let her know, so I replied, “That is the real Christmas. I’d give up what I’m doing now to be in that situation.”

“Really?” Her response smacked of surprise.

“Sure. You’re doing something really worthwhile, building and mending lives; giving hope to people. That’s the real Christmas.”

She dropped a smiley face before adding, “Thank you. You know, one does this so often that it becomes a routine and one hardly sees it any differently.”

She was right. But, I wasn’t going to accept that as the way it should be. So, I took her through the experiences. I wanted her to feel the freshness in her efforts, the love that throbs in the moments and the transformation that takes place through her routine. I reminded her of the panic that parents express when the children are brought in and the debilitating conditions of the children, sometimes too weak to eat, cry or even talk. Then I contrasted these with the calm and radiance that shine on the faces of the parents after being attended to and noticing the child’s emerging smile and playfulness. I reminded her that her efforts contribute to the transformation. That is infusion of life, a rebirth of some sort. That is what we are called to do, to be co-creators by creating and re-creating conditions of better wellbeing, love, happiness and peace.

Isn’t that the way many of our lives are? Getting so caught up with the routine that we fail to feel the essence in our daily engagements? Aren’t we so often bugged down by routine that we hardly see the beauty in our activities? I’ve noticed how parents feel obligated to love their children and care for them that they see and feel only the routine in the expressions of love, oblivious of the uniqueness of each moment and the life it breathes. I’ve seen workers approach their jobs as drudgery, compelled by financial need to stay on it without appreciating the lives it touches or the fun it should bring to their lives. Routine should not make our lives any less interesting, especially when we can relate with the purpose inherent in it. Focusing on the purpose rather than just the activity of our engagements or activities can enrich our perspective of life, our relationships and our overall wellbeing. This, I think, should be the Christmas gift we should gift ourselves.

Well, I ended the chat with my friend by reminding her “each mother, each child may take it that you’re doing your job, but your work breathes positive energy into life – your life, their lives and the world. This, for me is the real purpose of work.”

15 thoughts on “Beyond the Routine” by Carlobasi (@Carlobasi)

  1. Your message is very well, but your writing needs more uplifting.
    It wasn’t interesting at all.
    well done.

    1. @kaycee. Thanks for taking time to read. I’ve noted your point and will sure work on that. Cheers.

  2. I loved it. Contrary to what @kaycee thinks, i think every writer can’t have same style of writing. What’s most important is the writer’s abilty to hold his reader spellbound till the last fullstop. So, keep it up.

    1. @Unfathomable thank you very much for comment, for taking time to read and for loving the piece. It was actually a true life incident I thought to share, not the conventional creative story piece. Cheers.

    2. @unfathomable
      Perhaps you are innocently ignorant.
      Every writing should attempt to be interesting. It is not a matter of style.
      No one would read your great works of wisdom if it isn’t interesting enough to require the readers attention.
      The bible is agreat book supposedly full of wisdom. But how many times have you read the book of Amos or Obadiah or Nahum.

      1. You’re right @kaycee and couldn’t agree any less. I am committed to working on the best. I’ve known history enough to think otherwise. Every effort, every achievement can be improved upon. I really appreciate that.

  3. … it’s quite simply expressed @Carlobasi … even if @Unfathomabl may think otherwise, @kaycee has a point and so you keep working very hard to improve… remember, no work is so perfect as leaving no room for improvement…

    1. Thanks, @innoalifa for your comments. I really appreciate deep criticisms. They make one work harder.

      1. @Carlobasi You are welcome fellow writer…

  4. The message was very direct. This was more just blogging than actually writing. Expressing personal thoughts and messages. Not bad at all.

    1. @Salliness…Thank you for your intuitive comment. I actually posted this on my personal blog and only decided to share it here. I guess I should have re-written it to reflect the medium. All the same, I want to keep enjoying the process of writing and improving on it. Cheers.

  5. omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    i love the simplicity.

    1. Thank you very much, @Omila, for your reading and for taking time to comment. Cheers.

  6. I love the message…I wl see my “routine” job differently.
    Like @kaycee said improve on the delivery…whether on ur blog or on NS ur style of delivery matters…
    We r all here to learn and improve and I cnt begin to count all iv learnt in my short tym here..
    Keep writing…keep inspiring

  7. @Topazo, thank you. I’ve been here for about about two months and reading through works and people’s comments have positively impacted on my present creative engagements. Cheers..

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