Beautiful Nothing

I’m just pondering. Staring in a goblet sized pond of stout, wondering. What I’m wondering about? Haa! You don’t want to know. The alarming degree of importance it holds to you and I, especially myself, taking the precious time to write this, is a cause for worry. I dare say, you yourself will wonder like I’m doing now, at my reality. Let’s not sugar coat it, you will indeed, ponder on the level of my sanity.

Could it be that words could be so intricately woven, in a seamless and complex manner, and yet hold such shocking significance? Could it be that the mind of an artist would discover such a topic, disguised beneath nothingness and make form out of chaos?

Have you paused and perhaps, perused once again, this discourse from the beginning, perhaps hoping to happen on a clue that would uncover this cleverly concealed mystery? I’m sure some of you would have been enlightened with a conclusion: this guy doesn’t know what he’s writing.

You wouldn’t be far from right!

For I truly wondered what to write; did feel the urge to write. But I could only write with the right words, attempting to explain that there was absolutely nothing on my beautiful mind to write about.
But write I had to!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Nothing” by neo-lite (@markwealth)

  1. Hehehe, nice! You got me there; an article about nothing held me in suspense and didn’t vex me after it was done.

    When the idea comes, I know you will thrill us.

    Keep improving your art.

    1. Thanks, boss.

  2. lol…i lyk d fact that i smiled instead of vexd @ d end whn i discovered there was really nothin to read. Keep it up…..’evrythng wl come in its own tym’

  3. Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

    Love it, been there before but I have never found a way to put it down in writing.

  4. Your work, despite being rather formless and void, and loose in construction, is still a well written brief treatise on the writers horror of nothingness and the word. Nothing is indeed more terrible than writers block. Especially in the beginings, if you get my drift. I haven’t made a comment in a long time but this is worthy of a word or two.

  5. I love this…keep writing for the nothing is indeed beautiful

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