Young Traveller

Young Traveller

I voyage far miles at all time, but this time,

Comes winter slap, cradle on wool, my tooth crackle

Sailing at dusky dusk, ugly cloud baby-sits little sparkle

Jealous storm snatch her to a side that flow not, but mime.

Gentle gentle, sea mouth vomits bubble,

Underneath, they dash her body, as she stands like covered peaks

Far cry, meandering near forest, my nervous saviour, seeks

Lost my rosary years far, sign of the cross i rumble.

What have i done! Fairies of the night wake

As their golden eyes glare inside the diabolic dark

To dab alittle, my body so soft for their racketing claws like rake,

Hark! Our bus-conducttor yell, my spirit lark.

Blur in my eyes, as the fog wallow on the screen,
Forgot i, to pray before journey, they snatch my lugagge to screen.

Note: Young Traveller tells a story about a believer. Whose prayer life is missing, owing to the fact that prayer is the master key and light to uncover the mysteries of existence.
He travels all the time. Inside a big bus for long journey. He dreams a voyage in the middle of the sea. Where comes a winter storm and drags his boat to a place. where the sea is not flowing but quiet.

A reading on this poem will yield a better explanation. Read, analyse, explicate and evaluate.
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  1. Clever use of words!

  2. Intelligently, written…

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