Where Poetry Leads

Where Poetry Leads

Bitter or sweet, it all begins from the heart
My thoughts, my feelings, creates an image within
Like a secret longing to be revealed through a medium
It remains unknown to the universe.

In the agony of my deep thoughts
Nature smiled at me, and it glistened like the sunset
Definitely, a new hope is born
The hope to share my thoughts in writing
A poetic work of Art.

A poetic work of Art
There you can reach my thoughts
So beautiful, it reflects the heart
A ‘Priceless’ tool that can’t be bought.

With the power of Art
I’ll effect change
Where poetry leads
I’ll follow!

4 thoughts on “Where Poetry Leads” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. Clever write indeed

    I really like these lines:

    “..Like a secret longing to be revealed through a medium
    It remains unknown to the universe.”

    stay inspired!

  2. Nice one. Nice theme as well. Keep perfecting your craft.

  3. I see you@jaywriter..my second poem after ‘chances’ when I began writing poems.

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