What happened to us?

What happened to us?

What happened to us,
Our acquaintance and all?
When we laughed and lived
Like jolly birds in a nest.
When we loved and joy even on many F(L)IGHTS
Beyond fantasies and awe.
What happened to us?

Where did our rhythm stop?
Like the sudden halt of the heart
When life cease to be
On judgement day.
What happened to us?

Who? Who gave sound to the gong?
Didn’t we dance at the beautiful
Flow of the Mocking birds
At the village square of our bedroom?
Where passion and joyful moan elope.
What happened to us?

Our sweltering pains now bleed
We are far apart even though we see daily.
Though the world, a global village,
Our hearts keep no record of memories.
Our songs, now a cacophony.
What happened to us?
Can you please answer with a whisper
As you used to do.

10 thoughts on “What happened to us?” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. . What happened to us
    . Now we’re no longer close
    . Flying on the back of winged kiwi
    . Soaring high skies.

    1. Nice connection @louis.

  2. … a wonderful poetic flow…

  3. This is a nice piece of poetry dwelling on a once-beautiful relationship. I gu every thing comes to an end sooner or later. cheers

    1. Thanks for reading @Nnenna-Ihebom God bless you.

  4. This is great… we need such revoking… at least in the hope that we might go back to the ways we abadoned

    1. My dear @elovepoetry you got the drift.The idea is to poke into reasons why our relationship suddenly went soar and the need to work it out.That is purely the motif of this.Thanks for dropping by.God bless!

      1. you are welcome, always @sambright

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