Weird Chants

Weird Chants

Lagbaja ‘Omo Tamedo!
He shouted, in an unusual tone
As if to get an answer
He called, like an ‘Announcer’.

Seen in flashes of fetish ‘red’
Daring to call ‘the dead’
To invoke with havoc
Its spirit, in for ‘hard knocks’

As in D realm of a film
Or Illusion-soaked film
Came a fearsome object
The shadow of the ‘maimed’ so abject

Need some water
My face to flush better
A reality? I queried
Thought aloud, so scary

In the dead of a certain night.
A bite of fetish plight
Lagbaja, Omo Tamedo! the second time
Strange, devilish fight

At the third shout –out
The senses washed-out
A paradoxical end
A blend of spirit-cultic trend…

Ironically; a strange bondage
‘The maimed’ returned ‘caged’
His 5 senses he lost
Wandering about like dust

A life of possible impossibilities
Rigid flexibilities
Wicked, yet appearing needed
In saving the dying and dejected.

Life’s woes and lows
Created and drifted by familiar foes?
Nature, Pleasure or The Creator?
All posing a spiritual intoto…

7 thoughts on “Weird Chants” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Na poem be this? :s

  2. No, its not, …they are chants – Incantations….Mcheew!!

  3. I don’t get anything here. Maybe I should read again.

    1. @adams.. pls read in between the lines…its what Yoruba people call “Apeta” when a particular person is called out in the middle of the night and all of a sudden loses his/her sanity…

  4. deserving the greatest reads……….beautiful wording

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