There’s always tomorrow

There’s always tomorrow

There’s always tomorrow

fresh and clean like the air after the rain

There’s always tomorrow

untarnished by the mess of today

There’s always tomorrow

and there’s hope.


There’s always tomorrow

o, the comfort that it brings:

though the past is ruined,

and today is in shambles

tomorrow comes

when things can be made right.


There’s always tomorrow

so hold your peace, o wagging tongue

stay your music, o rejoicing foe;

Today I may be down on my face

tomorrow I’ll be up on my feet;

Today, groping in the dark

tomorrow I shall see the light.


There’s always tomorrow

unsoiled, untainted, unstained

like the virginal bride

and I go to meet her with joy.

It matters no more all that led me here

I have a tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “There’s always tomorrow” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. this poem brings hope to life, nice one from you genius, keep it flying.

    1. @pleasure thanks so much. Genius? I dnt knw abt dt one o…

  2. This is beautiful. Reading this brings a smile upon my face. No matter how bad things get today . . . there is a tomorow where we hope the light will someday shine. Well done Sir.

    1. @ohmston thanks. Yes tomorrow is alwys fld wt hope

  3. I enjoyed reading this. Yeah, my tomorrow’s untainted and I’m meeting her with joy. Yay!!!

  4. Wow! So sweet. The poet expresses the hope of a better future. The repetition gives it a musical theme and good tone.

    Well done

    1. @layrite thanks for ur kind words

  5. … so true to the reality of a tomorrow that begins this minute… a nice work poet…

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