The Father Of The Earth


The sky
The moon
The stars
Oh! My Goodness what should I do?

Darkness as cover the eyes of the innocent, once let you light shone on the earth and golfed away darkness from the eyes of the innocent they run day and night. They run here and there for help. An old woman suddenly started singing a song “when will peace reign?

When will darkness go away from the land of sorrow?

Hence run to protect her chick from the wolves because I can see the land as a child without a parent.

We are fatherless
We motherless
We are childless

Oh! My God of the sky, moon, stars and of the sun
Oh! The Lord of the father of the son and of the holy spirit, bring light to our land of darkness for we are all weak, weary, tarrying of this land of darkness. Please and please oh Lord bring joy peace and prosperity to our land. Oh darkness we are tired of you are need not darkness, who will run to you if you take away joy peace and happiness. This woman is at the old age of 79 (seventy nine) years old. The old woman joke not with what she is saying. Later the woman continued, our land oh, the futures of our generation and our fathers, do our great great great fathers, our is scattered our wealth are not moved our vegetation for we are tied of fighting our long will there, they continued to happen in our land, oh our people let come together and bring light so that darkness can go away. We don’t need it again the pregnant women are weeping, the cripples are shortened of and they are now shouting for help. They were not still tired they sang and sang till they answered, darkness as come, now they are very louder than before darkness as come.
Your eyes see no more
Oh Joy Come
Oh Peace Come
Oh happiness Come

Oh light come we need you, please what have we done to deserve this great punishment, sorrow

appears in our states all day and night. Children cry for help tears flow from our eye all day. Oh, that will save us oh who will save us from the land of darkness.

The old women wept, we do lie like castrated chickens, who would save us? Later God pitied them, he listened not to darkness and took away darkness from their land.
They are all happy now. Not knowing God want to test them.

They were expected to praise him and thank him. The darkness came back again, at this time they cried an innocent cry, cry of an innocent, innocents are crying for help.
Running here and there,
Running East and West,
Running South and North what,
Have we done again.

Shedding Rivers all day and night whispering, and crying searching for their gold, is the world coming to an end? Because we weep not for self, but for the future generation to come after all these complain light came again. And it is now permanent they now realized their mistakes and say thank you for saving us.

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