A thud and a splash, she falls

Like a lost coin rolling in the earth

A heathen therein . . .


Lovers and friends she preys upon,

Finding a listening heart


But I see through her, through

The luminescence of unbridled pain

That courts her like a halo

I touch her scares and feel

The roundness of her doubts


This little teardrop stings,

She screams but she’s only a teardrop,

Who but I can hear her?




6 thoughts on “Teardrops” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. Great poem: but hard to comprehend; bravo

    1. Read again, you’ll get it.

  2. I found this quite moving. Well done.

    1. thanks@Myne. Glad you like it. Been reading your blogs. steamy I must say.

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