System of Government

System of Government

 They ask us to jettison military

because it breeds militants


Demo-crazy we embrace

also breeds delusive demons

and crazy crooks

who set to demonise

and demolish us


Which system of government

should we now embrace

that will have at its centre-piece

the yearnings of the posterity?

6 thoughts on “System of Government” by Bayo Salawu (@writerbayo)

  1. Seriously, is this a poem? *confused*

    1. @daireenonline, can you please shed light on how and what a poem should be?

      1. A lot of things but this doesn’t quite do it for me. Maybe because I’ve been reading too much foreign literature hope you will pardon my question. The truth is this reads like an inquisition, more like a story. No real poetic feel for me, sorry.

        But I realize man is fallible so if it is poetry to you, then I guess it is…

        1. @Daireen, First, I appreciate your criticism but true criticism should help complete whatever is missing…; yours has been unable to…

          If it reads, to you, like an inquisition, can’t a poem inquire? If, to you, it is “more like a story”, can’t a poem be narrative in nature? More so, liking foreign literature to African literature is out of point because our experience differs…

          …this is a political poem meant primarily for the masses. Therefore, its diction should be simple (I think) to achieve this aim. Anyway, I am an advocate of an easily penetrable rhythmic diction with a hand-full of fortunate rhymes. Not a brewer of an anti-social alcohol. I hate an assembly of rugged rhymes couched in an esoteric language.

          By and large, dear friend, I appreciate your criticism. It enlightens us further…

  2. a poem could be as short as that.

  3. Just wise though I guess

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