Spoken Letters

Spoken Letters

Blanketed puddle of inward stripes

potholes of malicious whispers

Rhythms of distant scandals

Pledges of uncertainty and

diaspora of pandemonium;

Caress a perturb heart.


Listen to its screams

Listen to its angelic rancour

Listen to its silent wails

Listen to its beats at 212 Fahrenheit

Listen to its tears of pain.


Branches is now thy shelter;

Torn and tattered is now thy regalia.

For chunks thy has received morsels,

For cups of satisfaction thy now sort for drops.

Thy shoes are no more and thy feet

now grace the paths of pessimism


Aspirations are sliced

Determination chopped

Hopes for tomorrow butchered

Zeal and dreams shattered and battered,

Lives are paused.


Why raise the stainless steel

on each other?

Why is our streets littered with

precious lives?

Why eat up a brother with

villainous smiles?

Why abuse the course of  democracy?


Why deprive we and us of our

peace and freedom?

Why spread the tidings and goodnews

of evil?

Why envangelise lies to destroy

the reputation of another?


Spoken letters breaks and builds,

It huts and heals.

It makes and mars.

It brainwash and brainstorms.

They are vehicles of action and deeds.


Action either good or bad are

the children of spoken letters.

Killings are born from spoken or

received words.

Invigilate the letters that pierce thy heart.

It might deprive another his heart

and reason for existence.

Knock out the dark letters and preserve the great ones.

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  1. Way to go!
    You are very clever with written letters.

    keep it up!

    1. Tnks a lot ayistar. I appreciate

  2. … a nice read…

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