I’m on my cold bed, in my dark room

Clutching against my chest, alone;

No one to stop, the shadows

Slithering into my room, but that’s all right

It’s the monster, in my room I fear.


There’s no running away

From this monster in my room

This is where my fear ends

Running away from my dad.


Coming into my room, late at night

Drunk again, or with lollipop

It’s what he does, I don’t like

This is where my fear ends

On my cold bed, all alone.


Staring into the night

All alone, silently crying out

They linger in the shadows

The light doesn’t chase;

In the morning I take long showers

To wash away the memories.


I am not happy as I seem to be,

Going about my life during the day

Playing and laughing with my friends;

Shining in class

Dreading the fiend of the night.


It like no one cares for me

And it’s every day

Dad coming into my room;

This is where my fear ends

On my cold bed, all alone

The lights I keep on don’t chase away the shadows

The long showers I take don’t wash away the memories

I’m not happy as I seem to be.


Copyright (c)Elove, 2012

5 thoughts on “Shadows” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. Whoa.

    Is this about molestation?!?!

    Shit. Very subtle indeed. Well done.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya… yes, it’s about molestation, the pain the girl child goes through from the one person she doesn’t expect her, sometimes in silence.

      1. @elovepoetry, often, we’ve got to bear some pain in life… sometimes, we never share it with another… ’cause it’s either we are blamed, misunderstood, laughed at or ridiculed… but thanks for sharing this, though like you, ‘I’m not happy as I seem to be.’

        1. @innoalifa… many people suffer in silence, especially those who were abused in childhood; they are not happy as they seem to be…….. and childhood memories haunt all of us, no matter how they are…. why are you not happy

          1. @elovepoetry Like your line, ‘It like no one cares…’ Truly, life is a duel so cruel but with a friendly fuel like a gruel, the world becomes a heaven to dwell. it often happens that we all have our own stories of misery and melancholy… yet the world still remains a heaven, a happy place because I often think that happiness is not often how happy one is but how happy people are because of one… just like you are making so many people happy through your works…

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