Revolution In Nigeria? You Must Be Living On Saturn, Not Just Mars!

1. Revolutions start in the mind. An idea is conceived, and then germinates into action. The conceiver and implementator are not always the same person.
2. Revolutions have a way of spiraling out of the hands of the original guys who started it. And woe betides the revolution when such occurs. Check out the 1804 jihad of Dan Fodio.
3 Nigeria as it currently is will experience no.2 if we start something along the lines of the Arab Spring or the J.J. Rawlings adventure. Can Igbo revolutionaries, in or out of uniform, have the oomph to shoot corrupt Igbo Elite? What of Yoruba or Hausa? Remember the coup of January 15 1966 and why it failed. Ifeajuna, Nzeogwu and Co. were accused of being lopsided because no Igbo politician fell to their bullets.
4 The minds of most Nigerians are so twisted that revolutions will be misconstrued; if the new men refuse to share the cake as we know, hell will be let loose.
5 Then our religious nature-sorry, our warped practice of religion- will impede a revolution. Many poverty-deadened Nigerians would rather pray for bread from a heaven that is not in line with the one proclaimed by the holy books than join hands to sweep away the religious elite who are the institutional props of the criminals in power. Read your history: the Catholic religious elite backed the French monarchy in their corruption and oppression. When the French struck they swept both the religious and political rogues away. Think we will do it?
6 NIGERIANS LOVE LIFE TOO MUCH TO FIGHT FOR PRINCIPLES, UNLESS THEY ARE THE TWISTED ONES FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT. Yes, folks stood up to the increase in petrol prices in January 2012 but believe it; many of us were ready to back down and would have if the protests had not stopped with the NLC-TUC comedy. Who wan die?
7 Finally, the youth-folks aged 10-50-have not had enough of the spoils system that define this country. All the ‘gragra’ most of us do on Face book and elsewhere is a convoluted way of telling the criminals playing with our destiny that we want to join them in their peculiar paradise.

So what is the way out because Jesus Christ is not going to do for us what we ought to do for ourselves.  Contribute to the discussion.

5 thoughts on “Revolution In Nigeria? You Must Be Living On Saturn, Not Just Mars!” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. You are right on point…what we need is a change from within…we need to change ourselves before we can think of effecting a change on the outside..

  2. Not all revolutions directly lead to better things, @ezeakwukwo.

    For example, the French Revolution in 1789 was followed by the Reign of Terror by Robespierre and his cohorts, then by Emperor Napoleon (the dictatorial), and then the kings found their way back to power shortly after.

    I say Evolution, not Revolution.

  3. It hurts when such generalizations are made, not every youth is interested in spoils of corruption, I like the thought of evolution.
    God bless NIGERIA…

  4. The revolution we need is more mental than physical. Our mindsets need to be transformed.

    1. @febidel a revolution of the mind should take precedence before physical or exterior revolution……..

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