Peace on Earth (We Let Them Hijack Our Christmas)

Peace on Earth (We Let Them Hijack Our Christmas)

I wonder how we let them hijack Christmas, but they have done so and they haunt us with it.

Our sober ceremony was hijacked and turned into a carnival, and we let them.

A time for reflection was hijacked and turned to a time for show off, and we let them.

Our daily celebration turned to a ‘once-in-a-year’ event, and we let them.

Our peaceful days that we ought to spend showing love was turned to a noisy jamboree, and we let them.

A time for sharing has become a time to satisfy greed

to accumulation of excessive profit in the name of Christmas,

and we let them.



How did the birth of our Saviour turn to a reason to take advantage of people and hike the prices of everything?

What are the less privileged supposed to do, when they cannot afford a decent meal at Christmas time because the prices of every food item has gone up?

Does the birth of Jesus mean that some people should be unable to travel to spend time with their family and friends because transport companies raise their fares?

What connection has celebrating Jesus with disturbing people’s sleep and quiet with fireworks?

How did we let them hijack our Christmas?


What pains me the most is that we let them, and we joined them.

We joined them to reduce the meaning of Christmas to a pagan ceremony.

We joined them to increase the prices of our wares so that we can make more money in the name of Christmas.

We joined them to sell fireworks to cause a disorderly noise pollution and create fear in tender hearts.

We joined them to buy these fireworks that doesn’t let us distinguish between its foolish noise and the noise of a gunshot.

We have allowed greed, not love, to be our motivation, and pursue excessive profit at the expense of others,

Making the rich richer, and ignoring the poor who are getting poorer.

We try to soothe our conscience through our paltry annual gifts that we make ashameful show of.

And I wonder, what happened to the Biblical edict that advices that the left hand should not know what the right hand gives?

I also want to know if the orphanage and old people’s homes can survive all through the year, get good healthcare, get good education, and enjoy basic amenities based on the bags of rice and groundnut oil that we dump once in a year.

We let them hijack our Christmas, and we joined them to throw away its real meaning.


And now, when they carry their terror into our churches, and kill our loved ones on Christmas day,

We are dumbfounded.

They have no excuse for their evil actions,

But we have enabled them in the past, and now we pay the price for our indifference when they first started to hijack our Christmas.


Evil seems to be having a field day in our nation.

Terror thinks that it is having the last laugh.

Hate appears to have won the crown as lord of all.

And we wonder,

How can we sing the carols and hymns?

How can we say, ‘Peace on earth,’ like on that first Christmas morning,

When all around us, we see terror

And our hearts beat a rhythm of grief and fear?

We’ve turned our praise chants

Into empty cants.

They have hijacked our Christmas,

And make a mockery of all our songs of joy.


Like one patriarch of Faith says,

If all our hope is in this world,

Then of all humans, we are the most miserable,

For this world has no guarantees, and is filled with corruption, treachery, strife, hate, violence, sorrow, pain, and death.

Only when we have eternity in view,

And put our hope in Jesus,

Whose birth we celebrate as Christmas,

Can we have the guts to sing

“Peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

For we know that our Saviour will have the last laugh,

Like He did when He arose from the grave.

We know that our God is alive and powerful,

And that in just a little while, evil shall cease to reign,

Justice shall rule,

And the Prince of Peace will reign supreme.

I those times that we look forward too,

Death shall die, and there will be no more hate, pain, or sorrow,

Then, the dead in Christ shall wake up from their sleep

And we will all reign together with our King.


Let us go back to the true meaning of Christmas.

Let us care for the orphans and old people around us daily,

Rather than make our giving a once in a year ceremony.

Let us share love all through the year,

And think of the gift of salvation that the birth of Jesus brought, every single day of our lives.

Let us live our lives daily, as if every day is Christmas,

Because it ought to be a daily event, to remember the birth of our Saviour.

Let us show peace on earth with our actions,

And goodwill to all mankind.


So I say today,

“Peace on earth, goodwill to all humans”

For our Saviour lives inside our hearts,

And soon will come and take over.

Though they’ve hijacked the memory of His first coming,

They won’t stand a chance when He comes again,


11 thoughts on “Peace on Earth (We Let Them Hijack Our Christmas)” by Efadel (@febidel)

  1. Oh I love this…well done!

  2. @topazo. I’m happy someone loves this. Thank you.

  3. @febidel This is another good poem as the content is rich. However, I would love that you work on your style, considering the length of your poetic lines so that there will be a harmony among the lines… It’s nice reading your work… keep on writing… I want to read more of you…

    1. @innoalifa. Your comment is duly noted, with many thanks. I will definitely work on the structure of this poem.

      1. @febidel, tha’s good to know…

  4. Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

    Creative use of poetry to tell a story. I feel your pain even though I am a muslim christmas has always been and still remains one of the best time of the year to me.

    1. @danjuma, thank you. I set out to tell a story, but it took the form of a poem, so I let it be. I’ll work on restructuring the lines though. Please see my other poems and tell me what you think.

  5. Beautiful really.

  6. I guess you mean the thought, cos I know the structure isn’t beautiful. (Laughs.) Thank you, @Estee

    1. Actually, I was referring to the message. Fireworks scares the hell out of me. It makes me look forward to christmas with trepidation. They should promulgate a law against the use of fireworks in this country. About the structure, aint an authority in that.

      1. I hate fire works too. Thank you, @ Estee.

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