Pause and Ponder

Pause and Ponder


The hall had no lights today,

the rooms were gloomy,

the lights burned low.

There was no viol or harp playing;

no laughter or mirth;

the tree has fallen and the birds have flown;

the cisterns have been broken and the cords


and what was has ceased to be.



Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

The sounds of weeping, and the mournful dirge;

a procession behind the brier.

Still and lifeless the form contained within it,

which once was full of life and vivacity.

Yesterday it was; today no more.

The brevity and vanity of life.



Vanity of vanities!

Today it is,

tommorow no more;

alive today,

withered the next.

Listen and learn,

observe and gain understanding:

all that is will cease to exist.

6 thoughts on “Pause and Ponder” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. I think this just captures the circle/cycle which is life…

    I like the plainess of it.Good job.

  2. Nice. But that third stanza…

    Somehow, I get this feeling that the third stanza reads like authorial intrusion in the context of this poem. Cos you were painting a picture from the beginning that on its own should make us pause and ponder. I didn’t feel you needed to have ‘preached’ the theme in the third stanza.

    Keep improving your art. Their is no end to learning.

    1. @chemokopi thanks for the observation

  3. I agree with @chemokopi, could have done without that third stanza. Also words like viol, harp, brier, kinds makes it too archaic.

    1. Thanks@myne for the observations

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