My Hero: Learning From the Makers of History by Uzoma Ezeson

My Hero: Learning From the Makers of History by Uzoma Ezeson

my hero by uzoma ezeson

My Hero by Uzoma Ezeson is a book that will challenge, humble, inspire and motivate you to greatness because you shall know the truth and the truth will make you better. It is a book that will cause a mindshift in your life. After reading this book, I bet you will go from good to great. This book is artfully written to stir the greatness in you. In this masterpiece, Uzoma touched areas of life that many writers fear to write about. She is a promising author whose pen is aflame to write up and better humankind.

In a time when the good culture and norms that makes our society thick is being trampled upon and relegated to the back, a belle has risen to speak the untainted truth to humankind. Uzoma Ezeson is a dame that has learned from the lives of many heroes – dead and living. The sagacity which she unveiled in this book cannot be gotten from any university except the School of Higherlife. She has proven that she is a true higherlifer and a woman making a positive difference in this day and age. Uzoma Ezeson is a shero, belle, dame and woman of substance.

My Hero exposes the good, bad and ugly of those that have gone before us and admonishes us to learn from their successes and failures in other to become super success. This book is clarion call for us to awake the genius in us and do better things than our predecessors. As an avid reader, one thing that enthralls me about this work is the audacity of the author. It is our duty to better our cosmos and make life blissful for all and sundry by following the plans of our creator. This book equips you with the enablement you need to make a bold statement in this age. Mind you, there is no venture greater than life exploits and true strength lies in the exploitation of your talents for the purpose of creating a better world for mankind and anyone who is able to discover the purpose of being alive, has not only contributed to the regeneration of our generation but has also earned himself a position in life hall of fame.

My Hero: Learning From the Makers of History is a 38 pages book authored by Uzoma Ezeson, a Nigerian-born female change agent, Uzoma Ezeson is an essayist and a poet. She enjoys writing, reading and researching. She has published articles and essays in leading article websites in the world. This great book is loaded with ageless wisdom. It is an eBook published by Booktango and it’s available in world leading bookstores. This book is small but mighty. It is affordable and above all, it is a phenomenal read.

I must confess that this thought-provoking book stands out to direct, guide, and help those who want to be true heroes in life. After reading this book, I was energized to do more for humankind’s betterment. This work is inspiring, historical, spiritually uplifting and timeless for our time.

© Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
(Higherlife Coach)

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