Lord, I believe!

Lord, I believe!

“Help me”


Prostrate,face down at the foot of the Teacher-

who was reported to have the ears of God-he

lay,tears streaming down his face. He was the

picture of a man at his wit’s end. His words were

laced with desperation. He was at the point of

giving up.


The words of the Teacher reverberated in his mind:

“If only you believe;anything is possible”


He knew that there was only one person who could

determine the outcome of this encounter with the

much acclaimed miracle worker, himself-Gaius,

father of Jason, who was at this moment staring

blankly at the last hope he had of a meaningful life-

and only one thing was required of him; to believe.


Faith was the only thing he had in short supply;

years of searching for a cure for his son’s ailment

has exhausted its reserves. Every recommended

treatment has drawn a large amount from its well

and -with each failure-has squandered it. Now, the

well was running dry. He couldn’t afford to raise his

hopes only to have it shattered again…and yet he



He watched in the agony felt only by a parent

experiencing the loss of a child as another fit took

hold of his son. It started with a rapid blinking of

the eyes and smacking of the lips, then the right

hand began to twitch.


The crowd gathered round receded with a mixture

of fear,surprise, curiosity and fascination.


His son was now on the floor jerking violently, with

foam oozing out of his mouth. Next, his tunic

became wet, filling the air with the pungent smell of

ammonia; then he uttered a piercing scream before

finally becoming limp.


Silence hung in the air as the people waited to see

what happened next. Moments later, the boy

opened his eyes and stood up, fully aware of what

had happened- the evidence was unmistakable.


The man watched with a broken heart as his son

tried and failed to hold back the tears; and

struggling to muster enough courage to hold his

head high but not finding it; his head was bowed

and his eyes fixed on the ground. Unknown to him,

a groan escaped his mouth.


“How long has this being going on?” the Teacher



“Since he was a child” he answered,his eyes

looking upwards pleading


“Help me” he cried, fresh tears coursing down his

cheeks spurred on by years of frustration, pain and

dashed expectations.


And then he did it. He let down the pitcher and

drew from the drying well of faith. But all he could

come up with was a few drops. That would have to



“Lord, I believe!” he said, but fast on the heels of

those words were waves of doubt. He had believed

before-several times in fact- in all the healers he

had visited. Each encounter had filled him with high

hopes and great expectation based on great words

of praise from those who had recommended them,

but they had all ended the same way-failure and



“if only you believe” the words echoed in his mind

“anything is possible”. Anything. That singular word

became a chant, till it filled his whole being.



“Lord, I believe!” his voice was louder- and maybe

with more assurance, because the doubts were

slow in coming; but they were still there.


Because he knew that was the best he could

muster- and he also knew that it might not be

enough to get what he desired- he added ” help me

with my doubts, help my unbelief”


That must have been enough for the Teacher, for he

immediately turned and faced the boy


“Come out of him” he commanded “and never




And that was all it took; a single sentence.



The boy fell down and jerked violently uttering high

pitched cries that cut through the air like a knife.

He thrashed about for a minute and then went limp,

becoming pale like a ghost.



The father’s heart stopped beating, he stood

transfixed unable to move a muscle. His son was




“He’s dead” several voices from the crowd

whispered. They couldn’t understand it. This was

unlike what they had heard and seen from the

Teacher. What went wrong? And why was the

Teacher not doing anything?



Panic surged through the boy’s father and his

breathing came in short painful gasps. No, it

couldn’t be. This was not the way it was supposed

to turn out. His son was supposed to get well not




“if you believe” the voice returned “anything is

possible”. Anything. Again the word became a

chant- anything, anything, anything- until his whole

body pulsated with it.

His son could not be dead. He was convinced he

wasn’t dead.



By now the Teacher was standing over the boy,

reaching down and lifting him by the hands. A gasp

of surprise broke out from the crowd as the boy

opened his eyes and stood up. Fresh tears ran

down the father’s eyes as he rushed forward to

embrace his son. Everything was going to be

normal now.



Then he fell down at the feet of the Teacher and

worshipped. And, he realized at that moment that

the well that had run dry was now full:

Anything is possible, by Faith.

“Be not afraid, only believe”- Christ

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  1. This is just superb.

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  3. I like it, though I think you could have written it tighter and better.

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