Lookout for Miss Right- Episode 3

Lookout for Miss Right- Episode 3

I had never really been a shy person, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself  outspoken. I was a bit of the two. But this lady rendered me speechless. She was tall, a black beauty,her skin ebony and shiny. In one word, she was beautiful.

“Stop staring, guys.” Femi said. ” Come, meet my sister. Barbara.” He made a sweeping gesture towards her, a smirk on his face

Your…sister?” I stammered “You didn’t tell me you had such a beautiful sister. How could you keep this from us?”

“Step- sister, actually” the dark-haired beauty said in a husky voice “Barbara Bode-Johnson”

“My popsy’s second wife’s daughter. She’s a beauty, right? ” Femi was actually gloating

I could almost punch him. How could he not have introduced me to this lady long before now? She was well shaped, busty and a well-rounded ass. God had indeed spent time making her.

She was intentionally ignoring me, maybe because she knew I was drooling at her.

“I invited her over. She’s spending the weekend” Femi was saying “She’s into fashion, Flores, you could learn a few things from her”

“Indeed” Florence snapped back

Barbara laughed and settled down on the couch beside Femi. She was dressed in a short red gown that showed off her long legs.

“Introduce me, Fems” She said “Who are your friends?”

“Oh…Forgive my manners. Barbs, this is Jacob,actually called Jake. And Florence. Both are my very good friends.” Femi’s introduction was so ‘whacked’ He had introduced me like some guy who worked at the morgue- “Jacob,actually called Jake”indeed. Where were friends when you needed them? why couldn’t he introduce me like a celebrity, knowing I was interested in her? I knew Femi could be a jerk when he wanted to but this was a particularly bad time to show of his ‘jerk-ness’. This could be the woman of my dreams, for crying out loud. She was hot, sexy…but, was she decent? That was a question that popped into my head which I immediately pushed aside. I had to ignore such thoughts and focus on winning Barbara over.

I turned my attention to the woman of my dreams, she was engaged in a delightful conversation with her so-called step brother. I butted in;

“So, tell me Barbara, how did you get into fashion?” I asked, although I really didn’t care.

I had learned the number one rule when toasting a girl – pretend like you care about more than what she looks like. Let them talk about what they like, and pretend like you’re actually interested. I mean who cares about fashion?

“You really want to know?” She asked

“Of course. It sounds like fun” I bestowed my most charming smile on her. I know I wasn’t exactly Mr. World, but I knew I wasn’t bad- looking either, my long list of ex-es could testify to that. I was a moderately good- looking guy, although  I had been called handsome on more than a few occasions. But I’ve never been one who blows my trumpet, so I settled for moderately good-looking.

“I don’t think so. It’s quite boring.” she said, not returning my smile

Why, oh why was this lady being so stubborn? I glanced at Femi, he was actually smirking.

“I’ve always wanted to meet someone into fashion, I actually find it interesting.” I lied through my teeth

“Oh? Is that true, Fems?” She turned to him

My eyes pleaded with him to back me up…

“Yes, its true. I’ve always known Jake to be interested in fashion. But secretly, though” It was Florence that bailed me out.

I thanked her with my eyes, and she nodded indistinctly.

That was all it took to get Barbara talking about fashion, it took all my willpower and the fact that I actually liked her, not to doze off. Florence kept pinching me to keep me awake.

“Anybody hungry?” Florence asked, once again coming to my rescue.

I jumped to my feet. “Oh boy, yes I am” I couldn’t stand her diatribe about fashion for one more minute

“Femi, let’s check what’s up in the kitchen. Come” Florence pulled a protesting Femi to his feet

At that moment I thanked my stars for a friend like Flores. We both knew that Femi didn’t know a thing about kitchen.

“Do you cook?” I asked Barbara as soon as we were alone

“Yes.” she replied shortly

“Hmmm…I cook too. I’m not that good at soups yet” I said. That much was true

“I’m average at soups too. There a lot of soups I want to learn” She replied.

“So,Barbara. Tell me about yourself” The ultimate intro.

For the next one hour, I heard everything about Barbara Bode-Johnson. But, men… she could talk ehn. All you had to do was give her a cue.

Flores and Femi finally emerged from the kitchen with  the food.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out and talking, Oscar joined us later that evening. It was one of those unique times spent with friends and possible girlfriends. When Oscar came, he joined the discussions. He was the only one that didn’t stare at Barbara, and I’m sure the fact that he was in love already added to that.

By the end of that day, I was asking myself the question…Was Barbara the one? Was she the one who’d give me the fulfillment I needed? But, could I start drawing conclusions from one meeting?

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  1. Interesting, so far, @mimiadebayo. Barbara doesn’t seem immediately sympathetic – why is she giving the MC a hard time?

    The story is quite well written, but you need to watch out for missing punctuation marks.

  2. damilare oso (@damilareoso)

    its typical nothing woah about it

  3. Still enjoying the series, thinks it needs to speed up a bit, but hey that’s me.

    You need to be careful with your grammar, especially past, present and present continuous tense.

    For example in the first line, “I was a bit of the two” first of all it’s bad English, but also and more importantly, the use of “was” there is wrong. Are you saying he was “a bit of the two” but now he isn’t?

    Actually that whole line needs editing as “a bit of the two” isn’t right either. There are other examples where past tense is used wrongly but I’m not going to highlight them all, just watch out for them.

    By the way “first of all” is also bad English :)

    You also need to be careful that your story is accurate, especially for the sub-characters. In the second instalment you said, Oscar was on night shift, but in this instalment he joined later that night.

    OK, enough preaching from me, and like I said still loving it.

  4. @dkny111. All your observations are noted. Thanks for reading! I think the subsequent posts improved,sha.

  5. Still kept me going. Good.

  6. opening the next episode………

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