I am Balaam

I am Balaam

Hot in pursuit of great reward and daydreaming

about a life of riches and wealth,

Oblivious of the wrath hanging overhead,

Blind to the danger of his mission,

And riding furiously towards his death.


He was a seer yet blind to his fate

A man of understanding, sought out by all and sundry, yet unable to understand the mind of God

A man that saw the future of others yet ignorant of his impending doom

A man of wisdom, but acting in folly


Feigning obedience he acted in disobedience

Having a form of godliness but disdaining the God of holiness

Bowing down in holy worship, his heart was lifted up to vanities

Professing submission, he displayed rebellion


Twice rescued, yet twice adamant

Twice shown mercy and yet twice hell bent on perdition

Twice saved and twice as cruel

Twice warned but twice mulish


Then the mule became the wise and the sage the mule

The dumb spoke to dumbfound the unruly

The driven became the driver

And stupidity corrected wisdom


Grace became a voice

The donkey a vessel

The veil was lifted

Vision was accorded the erring


Three times warned

Three times unyielding

Three times defiant…..

He that is oft corrected and hardens his heart

Shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy.


From the bosom of Beor

From the loins of Balaam

From the palace of Beelzebub

Arise a generation, bent on destruction


Rising early to meet greed

Running tirelessly after riches and wealth

Retiring to the bed of covetousness and discontent

Resisting grace and correction….


I am Balaam, set in my own ways

I am Balaam, steeped in self deceit

I am Balaam, sorry for my deeds

I am Balaam, a ballad and a by-word

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  1. It was a great one… really practical…

      1. @topazo you are welcome…

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