Its all lost, ship is sunk

Innocence vanquished

Regret for each love ballad, each desire expressed

O! to be free of this burden called life

Life that binds, Life that gags, Life that frees

Perpetually on repeat.


To stay is to grief, otherwise is agony

Hope lies in staying and so does pain

My lament I raise to the skies

For there it seems my kind dwell

My lament is on a cold bed

Only the wall breaks my rolling.


Tis an unbecoming end

To a feeling so pure, so sure

You would my hands hold

You would the world chase

Surely I am but mortal, human

Tis only so much my heart can bear


Maybe the short one, or the shorter one after

But those tall ones!

How they got you in a tease

Got you slapping me around

Broke my hip not to lose theirs

Yet the light-skinned one won you to her house

15 thoughts on “Heartwail” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. Good write
    stay inspired!

    1. Thank you @ayistar. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. … the beautiful writitude directed my attitude towards the poetitude…

      1. @jollyone … welcometitude…

  3. This is nice.

    But check this:

    [O! to be free of this burden called life]. Shouldn’t ‘to’ should be ‘To’ since its after an exclamation mark?

    [Life that binds, Life that gags, Life that frees]. Why do the second and third ‘Life’s start with capitals, even though they come after commas?

    [To stay is to grief, otherwise is agony]. I think ‘grief’ should be ‘grieve’. This two options can work:
    “To stay is to grieve, otherwise is agony”

    “To stay is grief, otherwise is agony”

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

  4. Thank you, @chemokopi. The ‘Life’ with initial capitals are deliberate because they are meant to show personification of the idea/concept we refer to as Life. Its meant to evoke an image doing all those things. The rest you pointed out are errors and they’ll be corrected when I can get on a system.
    Right now there’s serious business of devouring rice to do. Happy new year and thanks once again!

    1. About Life, I thought as much. That’s ok.

      Haha … about that rice: let me run and chop my own too. Lol.

      Well done.

      1. Yes, that rice business… Lemme thank you once more for a quality input.

  5. This is so sweet. @chemokopi already pointed out the errors.. Good write. Happy New year

    1. @shomyk, Thanks. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

    2. @shomyk, Thanks. Sweet eh? I hope you enjoyed reading it.

  6. Sure. I enjoyed it

  7. I sense some sarcasm. Nicely written. Now I think you have some special love for this particular theme. Good fiction.

    1. Lol. This theme ba? Just playing around o. Thanks, you are always so kind @Jaywriter.

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