Father Tongue

Father Tongue

With your tongue, you beat me silly
Because I utter a line
Of that which I know not in the lingo of the English
If that be the case, will you also club me a slap?
For bearing double African names? – Chi-na-go-rom! Azu-bui-ke!
Same names I was gifted at birth
Meant to guide me through life’s tunnels
And its crazy canyons

For munching my yams with bare hands –you blight me?
Since you prefer the clank of your fork on the porcelain

For donning my own Ankara- you bemock me?
You’ll rather I choke myself with a tie
On a black thick pinstripe
In the bright white sun

Do you still insult me – for confusing my tenses?
Or for my deficiencies in Queenglish; your father tongue?
Then punish her who birthed me so

With a vernacular dentition
I am still ahead of Lord Lugard
Who spoke not a single word in Igbo!
© Shittu Fowora 2012

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  1. GBABESKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one! I like!

  2. Yes o….me love this!

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