If this skin of lies is peeled off to reveal the truth within,

What might be said of this form that is now me

Evolving like the theories of science to a being I rather not be

I pine away from that war fiercely going on inside


Whence comes this fighting and distress

Yet, without all is calm and fine

When the depth of darkness is hidden from light

And outward expressions are but a mirage


Walls beautiful on outward examination

Mere facade enclosing unattractive obnoxious beholdings

Evidence of the gross dearth of good within

And death soon to follow bogus and unabated cravings


Help I seek, but none I seem to get

Yet giving to them that need what I want

An irony like freezing deserts and scorching beaches

The painful reality of what I have now become


Wearing smiles upon a battered frame, hearing

accolades from those who have achieved even more

Time was, when such words were humbling indeed,

Now sounding like falsettos, pleasantly false.


Playing tunes of this sad dirge

Hoping to learn again what I once knew

Though the battle rages, I shall still fight

I must kill or at least obliterate this monster that seeks to be me!


7 thoughts on “Falsetto” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. An interesting piece,when you get accolades for things you know doesnt warrant such,you feel shortchanged. Thumbs up.

  2. @writefight, indeed… & thanks for compliment…

  3. I can identify with the poetic persona. Sometimes, the greatest battle is the one with ones own self.

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