Do I Really Write Poems?

Do I Really Write Poems?


Like a predator

In search of prey

I sought for lines

To satisfy my hungry soul

Famished of beautiful words


With a fulfilled soul

I found peace

To write and recite this piece

Like a hunter

Who caught game


Now, I ask

Do I really write poems?

Or, am I just a writer and lover of arresting words?

Are my lines poetic?

Or, am I just another crazy writer claiming to be a poet?


7 thoughts on “Do I Really Write Poems?” by Ogwo David Emenike (@ogwodavies)

  1. If i have to decide from this poem…
    You still have some time, for now you are still a claimant.
    Nice one.

  2. lol… Thanks Kaycee… I thought as much…hehehe

  3. This is cool as you assumed you are not there yet, put in a little more and your dreams will come to pass

  4. @ Melody, Thanks…! Your advice is melodic… Lol

  5. Just keep finding those words, and more. Keep writing.

  6. Thanks a lot, Myne. I’ll just do that.

  7. What interests me most is the question….

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